Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Kindness

We always hear Christmas stories where small acts of kindness change people's lives...I always wonder if they are real and true...tonight I was convinced.....they exist.  Today I had Laki....all day, I love him.  We ran errands, and danced all day.  As a result there was no showering involved for me and, make up wasn't even an option....but I didn't mind...I had pork chop (the name *I* made up for Laki....I have to let the world know I made it up b/c my mom and Jamie might try to take credit for it...and we all know they MIGHT not be as creative as I am when it comes to clever nicknames). The ONLY thing that sounded good to me was a panini and a bowl of soup.....zupas.  As I was standing in line the lady if front of me was starring (hard) at me I was almost uncomfortable (but I really don't care if people can't stop looking at me, that's usually a good thing).
Lady: You look so familiar.
Me: Really?
Lady: Yes, you are so beautiful
Me: *bashful yet surprised* oh.....thank you
Lady: Are you someone famous?
**I almost said yes.....just for kicks**
Me: *laughing.....loudly* ummmm *deciding whether or not to "improve" the truth*  No I'm not.
Lady: Are you sure?
Me: Uh.....yes I'm sure.
This may not mean a thing to anyone else....but to made my day, it was the small act that made my Christmas merry.  So...Merry Christmas lady in the zupas line....Merry Christmas.

**disclaimer**  I realize this was not "Mr. Kruger's Christmas" worthy or even compares to "Secret Santa" however, it is def Jenilyn Su'a merry making worthy.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I can't thank the Asians enough for Wasabi, or the Mexicans for cilantro.....2 things I can't/won't live without....and don't even get me started on the India-ans and their buttered chicken curry.  I recently diagnosed myself with a severe addiction to nail polish.  Is it something in the air? Rehab is out of the question. Is it just a phase?  Who knows.  I feel like we need more snow.  There's just not enough snow.  How can I listen to Christmas music without a blustery blizzard blowing through?  I completely underestimated the power of rice crispy treats.  I don't think I have ever actually MADE them until this was totally necessary.  I have been to Bath & Body Works at least 6 times since Thanksgiving, you can bet your bottom dollar that if you were down and out and didn't have soap or lotion....I could and would donate to your cause....I'd have you smelling like the holidays in no time.  I have a mouse problem.  I thought I killed it by putting some decon out for it to eat....not so....he's a live and well.....I cannot bring myself to set out a trap....that seems very inhumane.  Maybe it'll just be my "pet" in a weird.....rodent...way.  I need a name for's gotta be a "him" b/c he's really shy and never comes up to me to ask me for my number....I'm convinced it's a male mouse.  Suggestions?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sara Bareilles Concert

Do you ever have "one of those nights" that you just don't ever want to end?  Last night was THAT night for me.  Sara Bareilles is nothing less than amazing.  I had been looking forward to her concert since August.  I'm a new convert Bareillesism but it didn't take much convincing.  Her music spoke to me.  Not only do I think she is one of the most poetic songwriters of her time but her melodies are so enjoyable.  *whispering* don't tell anyone but she replaced Mariah Carey on my list of fav singers...Mariah is comfortably seated in the #2 spot.  Sara was on point last night, not ONE bad note.  She hit notes I didn't even know existed.  Not only is she a talented singer/songwriter but she is FUH-KNEE!  Lucky lucky me. Thanks Sara for being alive...and for writing songs and then singing them in front of a lot of're the bestest.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Peace Out Girl Scout!

While I am grateful to have had 2 jobs (for a limited time only) there are a few things I will not miss.

 Morning traffic.  Although I thoroughly enjoy Frankie, DB, and Jessica in the morning, I just don't feel it necessary to fight the morning commute just to indulge myself with the Morning Zoo.

Lack of sleep.  For some reason when I have 2 jobs my social life will BOOM....."activities" will come up that will make is absolutely necessary for me to stay up til 3 in the am all the while KNOWING I have a 6am alarm to look forward to....just watch...come Monday my social life will be non-existent (along w/my 2nd job).  Alanis Morissette was not lying when she said "isn't it Ironic."

Stress.  Love the money...hate the stress.  I mean, I have a life.....I have errands to run....I have people to see....but everything and (almost) everyone closes at 5pm which leaves my window of opportunity shut tight....thanks America for making everyone think this is an appropriate time to go home and spend time with their families.......what about ME where do *I* fit in?  I'm joking.  If I was serious that would be way selfish and November is the month of giving.....or is it the month of get confused.....oh well.

Well's been a fun couple months....and when I say fun I mean I never wanna do it again.  You know what I'm really looking forward to?  The Sara Bareilles concert this Wednesday.....oh yeah....a mid-week concert?  It's the exact right timing for a concert...not!  But, it's Sara Bareilles.....sacrifice brings forth blessings and I cannot wait to be blessed!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bad day/Good night

Every now and then I catch a pernicious case of the Mondays and it takes all my brute force to maintain composure and poise to gracefully get through the day.
1:30am wake up to a tornado or what sounded like a tornado (I got gipped of an hour and a half of sleep)
7am-snow and a deadly road to work
8-5pm-just one of "those" days....don't ask
6pm-brilliant idea. The first snow of the season simply must include flannels.  I realize the color scheme is off...I'll fix it later...comforters and sheets should always matchor at least coordinate.  Can't wait to take this lil number for a drive around the block....metaphorically speaking.  How can you possibly say no to this enticing ditty.
pillow pj's.fuzzy socks.early interruptions.

Friday, September 24, 2010

You're not supposed to say that

Propriety.  Is that too much to ask?  I love being around {most} people. I'm a people watcher. I love talking to people, however, if I hear ONE more person tell me how tired I look I might go ape shiz {apologies for use of such a crass word} on someone.  Question: When was it ever a compliment to tell someone they looked tired?  Do YOU like being told you look tired?  Well I didn't think so.  It just so happens that I am fully employed twice over.  My hours of "operation" exceed well over 90hrs per week....not to mention "damage control" for 14 hormonal teens {who I love dearly.....speaking of...I feel like I've skipped the fun part of parenting beginning with infancy, the terrible 2's etc and have gone straight for the devils backbone we know as the teen years...ahhh bliss}, on a rare occasion I will bank at least 6 hours of sleep {lucky me} I'm not complaining {I did this to myself} just informing my cherished followers and random readers of this blog that if, in case, we cross paths within the next 2 months....please go easy on will not be over looked in my prayers that evening :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Elgh!  Do you ever just get so sick of Utah (or America) you just want to fly away to an exotic island and set up camp?  Stop right there.  Be careful what you wish for.  Think about it...think about it.....let it register.....did you ever think that on an exotic island there is no such thing as a warm, flip flop free shower with water pressure?  How about the food....did you think about the fact that there WILL NOT be 3 Olive Garden Restaurants within a 5-10 miles radius?  How about food in general?  Did you factor in the level of humidity and the extremely hot temperature that exists on an exotic island?  I am positive that you didn't even think of the language barrier, did you?  What about the bugs?  Think about YOUR very own bed/home/bathroom/ WON'T be on that amazing exotic island.  Just something to think about.
I frequently wish/pray/cross my fingers (etc) to live on an island and partake of the "good life."  Guess what?  The solution is NOT the alluring island.  It is an unbelievable quick fix though.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm a Survivor.

The depths of despair seemed like a weekend special at the Holiday Inn compared to what I just endured.  Oh yes folks..."endured" seems like the exact right word to use.  Backpacking is and never will be my forte.  In fact, I think it's safe to say that "backpacking" will not be on my brain for a eons.
I love my job.  Really, I do.  WRA gave me an all expense paid trip to the majestic moutains we know as the Uintas, complete with 11 teenage girls (in my group alone) and all the diversions thereof.  36 miles later, I am back in town camouflaged by mosquitos bites (I have mozzie bites in the most unmentionable places) scratches, and bruises.  What did I learn?
*I have a serious dependancy on lotion and garbage cans
*I sleep well enough atop the inflexible earth that I can hike 10 miles in a day, keep 11 teenage girls in check, make my own meals, carry a 40lb backpack uphills (plural), maintain an outstanding attitude, mend wounds (both physical and emotional), read a map, and purify my own water.
*The addiction to my phone has little to no side withdrawals were experienced...When I needed to take digital notes I couldn' whatever needed to be written down was simply forgotten.  Ps...I was gone for 2 weeks and I had 18 missed calls...and 281 (complete truth) txt msgs....I believe OTHER ppls addictions (to their phones) are greater than mine.
*Hiking, rappelling,  horseback riding, and tubing down the river in the same day will award you the best night's sleep of your life.
*Dirt is inevitable... I dealt with it.
*Bobcats are not as dangerous as we think....neither are bears
*The wilderness is really not that bad.
*I am not a Princess....I did things in the wilderness that a "Princess" would never do.

When it comes right down to it, this trip was completely, totally, and utterly out of my comfort zone BUT it was the most fulfilling, satisfying, boundary breaking, a-ha moment making, confidence building, memory making, relationship building,  experience that left me in quite a state.  I am thrilled that I did it....I can certainly do anything now can't I (that is a statement not a question).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quit playin games with my heart

Real talk?  I do not care that I am in my 20's and have a crush, nay, infatuation with Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys.  I was getting irritated with the building anticipation. It was hot.   People watching was getting annoying--side note: people do NOT know how to dress for their body type.  The first thought that popped into my mind when the lights went out was "ok let's get this over with," I have no idea why I wasn't pumped.  The very SECOND AJ, Brian, Howie, and Nick came into view I was 17 guys SEVENTEEN!  No shame....none.  I have not listened to their music since 2001-ish...when they left the scene...incidentally, I knew EVERY word to EVERY song...funny how that works.  The memories came flooding was all very nostalgic in a way.  I was mezmerized....smitten if you will.  I've always, always been an *NSYNC girl, but tonight it was all about BSB.  Never mind the fact that Nick still can't dance (nobody's perfect), AJ is a little bit "chunky monkey," Brian is married and has a kiddo, and Howie is....well...Howie...never did pay much attention to the dude.  There's is no other group of girls I'd rather share this concert with than my Combs sisters....we go way back.  Legs sore (from jumping up and down...don't judge) voice....sore throat....dehydrated...Best. Night. far.  

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Guess what?  This degree-less girl isn't so degree-less.  Turns out I have an Associates Degree.  Do you know what that means?  It means that now when I tell people I have a degree it will be 100% legit.  Most of you are like...who cares?  My sentiments exactly.  It's a piece of paper, but my dad is dead set on me getting a degree so, I do what is takes to keep 'em happy.  No skin off my back.  I only have a handful of credits til I get a BA so I thought "what the heck" I'll take summer classes.  1st day of school was last week.  One word: oddish?  I've only ever known BYU schools....SLCC is a far cry from BYU.  I thought I would attend school, and charm them with my easy going awesomeness...not so....that plan has been done {although taken in a  completely opposite direction from my own road map on "How to be cool and influence people"} oh well...I'll just be my easy breezy self, it'll happen, no doubt, NO doubt.  SLCC is a bit of a step down for me {nose in the air}'s like high school all over again {loved high school}, BUT my credits are being transferred to BYU so don't worry I WILL have that coveted piece of paper with a BYU stamp on it...what a relief.  Please bless I'll be voted "Most Popular" or "Homecoming Queen" this year {fingers strenuously crossed}...false, I do not give 2 hoots in hades about that stuff....but my classmates do so I'll play along....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Doom and Gloom

Life has given me lemons and I've made frickin pineapple juice....seriously enough with the optimism right?  Well not really, but it makes me feel better if I say it.  I pride myself on being optimistic....but I don't think it comes out as optimism. Bummer.  I'm feelin like I need a "right-place-at-the-right-time" moment, but I have a hunch I won't get one.  Figures.  I blame China.  *big sigh* Well...I guess I'm gonna have to make my own batch of homemade cheerfulness (if I could put it in a package and sell it I'd be rich b/c I've mastered THIS art) this week.  I'm in the mood for a little foolishness, a little nonsense if you will.  Please pass any along if you feel prompted.  Oh, and if I get ONE MORE wedding invite I might just.....well never you mind{I being completely facetious}.  Guess WHO is goin to the Backstreet Boys concert at the end of this month?  If you guessed me-you win.  I am.  Don't judge.  Yes they are a poor man's *Nsync, and yes they've had their time in the sun but you know what....I'm summer night+bsb+the combs girl posse = a night to remember.  Don't hate.  I am pleased as punch folks.  It's just that sort of thing.

Monday, May 24, 2010

All my Mamas

Hold up!  Hold up!  You thought I only had ONE mom?  No sir.  I have special circumstances.  Special cases (yours truly) require special attention.  In the plotting and scheming of things I think the Almighty knew that my mom would need extra help with me as I am particularly of a dramatic nature...well...I was.
I have so many women that have played such an amazing roll in my life but the ones who have always been there and who have picked up the pieces time and time again are the women that I like to consider the "A Team" b/c there is not "A" single time/situation/circumstance/trial they haven't been able to pick me up and send me on my way with a smile on my face.  Whether it's a batch of Shanna's famous chocolate chip cookies, a sleepover/study session at ML's, a trip down memory lane with Gram, or a shoulder to cry on at home.....or (and may we never......NEVER forget) whether it's a GOOD (hearty) laugh at the "Campbell Way."  Oprah was a genius when she said "Biology is the least of makes someone a mother."  I have been (to say the least) blessed with at least 4 mothers in my life who have picked me up out of the depths of despair, who I have traveled to the ends of the earth with....well, Europe does seem like the end of the earth when you're a teenager....who have stood by me thru my {VERY} awkward stages, lime lights, triumphs, failures, more failures, good, bad and super ugly times....b/c (as they say) that's just what family does.  Somebody really knew what he was doing.  I know that all of us have amazing mother figures in our lives...I just think they go over looked every once in a while and we need to give them their props more often.
Dear Gram, Mom, ML, & Shan,
What can I say that hasn't already been said and that isn't cliche and annoying?  All I can say is, that as I look back on my existence there isn't a memory that doesn't involve you or your influence.  I've stumbled and fallen, but have been picked up, dusted off and set straight all by you.  We've laughed and cried and yelled and laughed and traveled and I've had the time of my life and I feel like I have it made in the shade....I love you all so much.

Monday, April 26, 2010


It was the 11th hour on Saturday night (literally) when I realized I would repeat another 15 hour work day in about T minus 2 mins...or so it seemed.  I traded shifts with a beloved co-worker (I seriously love her to death) and I came to the conclusion that 15 hours of teenage girls on a Sunday would be the absolute death of me....or my sanity.  Sunday is supposed to be about relaxation, spiritual worship, family, good food...all of which I would not be a part of....don't get too disappointed folks, much to my surprise, I had one of the most spiritual Sundays in my young single adult life.  5 words..."Music and the Spoken Word."  I always made fun of my dad for watching it EVERY Sunday *ugh not that again*.....*geez dad I didn't know it was a General Conf marathon* know, cheeky stuff like that.  I stand corrected.  As I entered the warm room we call the Tabernacle, I immediately thought of 2 things...sleep....and how I was NOT going to fall asleep.  Have you ever sat in the Tabernacle?  Whoever designed those seats KNEW how we work....there's no falling asleep while sitting in those pews.  Just then, my heart stopped.  I caught a glimpse of Dallin H. Oaks.  I was fixated.  I made it my personal mission to notify all those around me.  I attempted to do it in the most quietly dignified way I knew how but I'm not a very quietly dignified individual.  It was time to begin.  They started to introduce special groups and individuals in the audience.  Dallin H. Oaks was one of the first.  They introduced a group of Veterans who enlisted at and early age {they happened to be sitting in the row right in front of me} I was the stood up some of them had their badges..some had canes...some were wearing fatigues.  It was a warming feeling.  We {West Ridge Academy} were next to be introduced {a nice surprise....I always love being introduced....side note...I'm positive...I'm the only one that waved to the audience} it was after our introduction that the MC stated "the girls of West Ridge might be a little excited about our next guest to be introduced as he is sitting near by....David Archuletta."  Hold up HOLD UP!  Dallin H. Oaks AND David Archuletta?  {Pres. Oaks was sitting 5 rows in front of me...David only 3...we were close}......I mean, I didn't even vote for the kid but in that very moment I became 15 again...and was an instant super fan!  And just when I thought it couldn't get any better...enter....President Thomas S. Monson.  My heart dropped.  I felt like the most fortunate girl in the whole world.  As if my heart wasn't overflowing with spiritual-ness....Motab was so inspiring.  I have to relate to you folks...when it comes to spiritual stuff I'm kind of a brat {not always}.  There was an orchestra that was accompanying the choir.  Is it just me or does music have the most moving abilities.  My heart was in my throat the entire time.  It was only during their rendition of "The Sound of Music" that my water works kicked in {trust me...I had NO control over it....who wants to cry in front of a posse of teenage girls...certainly not me} The words, the orchestra, the beauty of everything combined and in that moment I was overcome with the spirit....that's the only way I know how to put it.  I haven't felt that way in a very.....very long time.  Some of you might be thinking how laaaame this post is, but I have to tell you.....I've never been so grateful to work on Sunday.  You know, in all HIS omnipotence, and majesty it's little things such as these that persuade me to believe that he knows us...and he knows what we need and when we need it...and that even though we may think we have slipped through the cracks and our existence is unknown....he gives us little moments of humility that let us know he's still there, and that he still knows us.  And that's all I have to say about that...if that makes me lame so be it....I'm a lame-oh.....a lame-oh who is oh-so-grateful for THIS specific act of humble-i-zation.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Those who can't do..teach. Those who can't teach...teach GYM

Summertime is right around the corner, and I mean that in a literal sense.  I KNOW that one of these days I will open my door, walk out of my apartment and around the corner and IT will hit me like the ton of sunshine that I have desperately craved for the past 8 to 9 months.  With that in mind, I will HAVE TO dress for the occasion.  Hoodies and sweat pants will not accommodate my zealousness to stay cool (literally hahaha).  I've been going to the gym.  Don't let's fall off our chairs now.  Those of you who attend the gym regularly are seriously my hero (mom).'s kinda hard....especially for those like me who enjoy the comfort of a cushioned seat and a dark theater, pop corn and jalepenos in hand, or the comforts of plastic booths that only the likes of trendy restaurant chains can give, or even the simple pleasures of ones own bed...I am a sucker for just about any excuse of not going to the gym.  However, I thoroughly enjoy  the alleviation and contentment I feel after I get my cardio in for the day.  With this in mind I would like to send out my positive and/or non-positive vibes to the gym-goers of the 2000's.  But Jenilyn, what do you mean by "vibes?"  Ok do I say this without being....rude?  I'll just disclaim this next bit with "no offense but...."  (don't you love how people say that, but what they say is still offensive)
No offense but.....when there are 5 treadmills to my right and 7 to my left, please....PLEASE do not occupy the one RIGHT next to me.  Also, will you please (PLEASE) pop a piece of gum in your mouth if you're gonna run, walk, or do anything that requires breathing heavily next to me?  Work out breath is relentless, and all that huffing and puffing does no good for the situation.  I understand that sometimes we rush off to work in the morning and forget a few token gym items in the hussle out the door, but will you please try to remember to bring a work out towel.  All that sweating is seriously NAST, and when you wipe it off with your hands then touch the equipment I get a little germ anxiety not to mention....the thought of YOUR sweat......and others....mounding up on the machines....elghhhhh....I'm gagging.  Also, I am a very friendly person....I like to get to know people...but NOT when I'm working out.  I'm in a zone there....and I'm out of breath....I don't have the resources to keep a convo going....sorry about it.  Please don't stare (I'm not saying they're staring at me....I'm just saying "don't stare" it's not polite....I learned that like forever long ago).  Oh!  Guys....(I have never seen a girl do this that's why I say "guys") please, please don't spit in the drinking fountains.  I will not write more on the matter for fear of "losing my lunch." These are just gentle harm intended.  I would never say any of these things in a mean voice....when you work out you create endorphins....endorphins make people happy....happy people don't just say mean things.
Just to lighten the mood....don't you just love love love when people keep checking themselves out in the mirror at the gym?  Hahahahaha.  I'm not talking about when they watch themselves in the mirror while they're lifting (to correct their form) no...that's just's the ones that keep walking around, turning to different angles, staring at themselves...fixing their outfit or hair etc. You KNOW that in their minds they are just ecstatic about how "good" they look.  Ah!  I just think it's hilarious!  So anyway, I hope everyone is looking forward to picnic weather, flip flop season, pool side fun, gettin yo' tan on, fireworks (and I mean that in more than one way *winks*), late nights, outdoor fun, suh-suh-suh summertime!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I pledge allegiance....

Am I unpatriotic b/c I did NOT watch (nor had the desire to watch) the Olympics?  In the back of my mind there's a voice insinuating that I am not the proper American I should be b/c I lack the luster a "true" American would have while enjoying a nice evening at home kicking back and watching the ever impressive athletes wow us with their olympiadic abilities.  Somehow pushing a stone/marble puck/ball/disc, whatever the heck you call it, over the ice while 2 people scrub the ice (for a purpose I don't really understand) is hardly thrilling.  I mean, I just can't imagine anyone on the edge of their seat w/beads of sweat running down their forehead waiting for the results of that specific event.  Come to think of it, I can't imagine anyone even watching that event, unless a family member was competing, and even then they watch out of sheer obligation...not b/c they yearn for the elation that "sport" can provide.  
 Did you know that Figure Skating has different categories....there's couples skating...figure skating....and figure "dancing" jumps, no stunts just dancing...on...the ice....ummm that's weird...b/c that's what I do EVERY single time I go ice skating...the fact that it's an Olympic event is confusing, maybe I should try out next time.  I don't know if they'd be able to handle my ice dancing skills....they're pretty elite.  Did you guys see the event where they cross country ski and then randomly shoot at targets?  Who the H came up with THAT event?  I just don't get it.  Don't get me wrong, I love the (cool) events like Snowboarding....Bobsledding (Cool Runnings did me in),  Speed skating, figure skating (not figure dancing), anything w/cool stunts is right up my alley.  All the boring events can just sit on the back burner if you catch my drift.  Thanks.  

Friday, February 26, 2010

Just sayin....

DISCLAIMER: I totally made my donation to the Haitian/Save Haiti fund and this is not a knock on the crisis at hand but rather the "wolves in sheeps clothing." I know that a lot of us are so sick of hearing about Haiti and all the vent-sessions going on but you guys....but I just saw this video and the second I saw this video I could not hold it in!  In the beginning there were a few tugs at the ol' heartstrings...The shots of Haiti are truly heartbreaking.  Enter: the Sugarland singer...immediately ruined the "We Are The World" experience for me....her facial expressions are...for lack of a better word...annoying.  However, a quick save was made by none other than the illusive Josh Groban who (I've heard) moonlights as Prince Charming.  WARNING: I'm probably not going to be sympathetic to the rest of the ARTISTS  (I will to a few...but the  The video wouldn't be complete without "the greats" Tony Bennett and Babs lend a hand or rather vocal cords in an attempt for some nostalgic is where we start to crack down.  The split screen of Michael and offense (but this will be offensive to some) can't really tell if Janet is singing or if she's lip syncing....the reason being: they share the same voice!  Killer.  Ps Babs. thanks for throwing in a lil' "pop" in the bits....way to stay true to your sound.  Speaking of "Pop"...enter: Miley, don't hate me for this comment but I thought she nailed her snip-it...that's my girl Hannah!  Do yo' thang!!!  Oh no, don't get too comfortable with the edge b/c immediately following Miley is our latest buzz kill Enrique Eglesis...honey, we were done w/you after your last hit "Hero" couldn't let us have THAT be our last memory of had to sign on to THIS project...didn't you?  Closely following Enrique...a favorite of mine..Jamie Foxx...thank you for doing this project.....if we need anyone to "blame" for it's disappointing solos...we know who to go to.  Question: is it wrong that I can't tell the difference btwn Will.I.Am and Wyclef John?  B/c I seriously can't....and I'm really good with pop culture.  The next few artists nail their bits on the heads...kudos to Adam Levigne, Pink, some random black guy who sounds familiar but have no idea who he is, Michael, Usher (very nice)...and the Queen of Pop herself Celine!  Flawless performance...set the bar, and set it HIGH.  I particularly enjoyed the conducting stylings of Lionel Richie while Celine is so easily doing what she was born to do....execute her "solo" w/flying colors....and then we see Fergie (whose name is really Stacie Ferguson..."Fergie" is a self-proclamation...she is NOT of royal descent..just in case you didn't know)....and Fergie...well...Fergie just botches it up, don't really know why she's there...speaking of "why is he/she there" did anyone notice (at minute 4:51) that Jeff Bridges and Vince freakin Vaughn are in the "choir?" Um....did I miss that 15 min where they had released an album with their vocal stylings (solo and/or backup)?  Not far behind we have my favorite part....Lil Wayne, who is backed-up (heavily) with synthesized technology (that's real big these days).  Snaps to Mary Mary holdin it down for the "Gospel" community. To the most comical part of the performance, I realize that it is 2010 and music has changed drastically since 1980 something when the song was first recorded, but did we have to ruin it by adding the breakdown of rap?  What was once a classic is now a farce.  I am fully amendable to "improving" things....but I resort to the old saying "if it's not broken don't fix it" and so it goes w/this song.  I am completely impressed with this project as a whole, and I am certainly touched with the unity involved.  I just have a hard time getting around the egos that went into this project "for the right reasons" b/c I'm pretty sure I saw million dollar dresses on a few red carpets AFTER this song was recorded.....I wonder what Haiti could've used THAT money on....weird.  Whew!  What a great vid right guys?  Those are just thoughts....again, I'm NOT hating on Haiti....just the video...and some of the artists.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Common...or Competition?

It's hard enough to go through life TRYING to figure out exactly what you're good at....what your talents are and WHY you're here.  This makes it even more annoying when you glance at someone and KNOW immediately what they're good at and why they are alive.  For example:  Lisa Leslie.  One look at the girl and it is as obvious as the day is light that she is supposed to be the Queen of the WNBA.  No doubt about it.  She was built to play basketball...not only play basketball but dominate the court as soon as she sets foot on the hardwood, pavement what have you.  She exudes basketball player.  Megan Fox.  She could be nothing less than a movie star. offense but if she was taking my order at Burger King....or ringing me up at the grocery store, or even answering my call as a TMobile Rep....I could not/would not take her seriously.  She was born to light up the Technicolor dream screen.  I'm not saying I'm a fan but I'm not going to question the obvious.  Lady Gaga.  I have not one ounce of hesitation in my body when I say that she was born to be a big weirdo creep.  She's a creeper.  She oozes psycho grody-ness.  Some people say that she her weirdness is "originality" and that it's "impressive."  To them I make this point: you can also be impressed by a 3-legged dog, but that doesn't mean you're gonna go looking for one to call your own. My point look at ANY of these people and immediately you know their calling in life. You know just by the looks of things that, THAT is what they are supposed to be.  But.......what about me?  What about us normal folk....the conventional hob-nobbers who live the everyday rustics of mediocrity? How do we find our calling in life?  *sigh*  Maybe it's just that I'm good at everything?  No....that can't be it.  Or can it?  Maybe, it's that we need a million of us average joes around so that when the ab-normal (I know this is one word but I separated it for effect) people arrive....we look bad....or do we look better?  Am I a deep thinker or what?  Maybe THAT'S what I'm meant to be (a deep thinker)?!  Oh no.  Do I look the part? 

Friday, January 22, 2010

No thank you....

I don't want to be a traitor to my generation and all but I just don't get what is going through our minds these days.  Have we forgotten what our parents so insistently and redundantly taught us?  How is it that we have consigned ourselves to oblivion in minding our P's and Q's?  What happened to the customary "please and thank yous?" When did it suddenly become acceptable to have a conversation (on a cell phone) in a public restroom?  When was it EVER admissible to "talk back" to any adult?  When  did chivalry die? When did we begin to let profanity slide into our everyday convos? When did we stop listening to the responses of the questions we asked?  I find it difficult to find sincerity in ones "Oh my goodness how have you been?" As they so eagerly read/answer a recently received text message (which as we all know can will STILL be there once you listen the answer you asked for) in the middle of your heart felt response.  When was it ever ok to have a conversation with someone on the phone while you are sitting at the dinner table, let alone text?  When did we stop listening to the live conversations that are happening in our midst and, instead, devote our undivided attention to electronic devices?  Please do not mistake my questions for hostility against cell phones or rude people...I'm just wondering when it all became socially copacetic.  Maybe I'm just jumpin' and thumpin' to the tune of my own melody, but I wish manners were still in style.  Maybe I'm spitting nonsense with my ideals to live in a world with manners, classy conduct, and polite behavior.  What was I thinking? 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Knock your socks off

Every once in a while you find something that is so brilliant, so hilarious, so creative that you can't help but spread the good word.  I am def not a "shouter-outer" by any means, but I simply cannot contain myself.  Here are 2 blogs that will not disappoint.
Correnspondence from J is my sister...and I seriously do NOT mean to brag about her but she is nothing less than the bees knees!  She cracks me up to the high heavens.
My other blog is your mom is a blog that I heard about from my broseph Manti...he kept telling me about it but I never listened...boy was I missing out....this blog is the cats pajamas (somewhat similar to the bees knees but not quite as sarcastic).  Everyone needs a little break in the day to giggle, laugh, or just crack up....try one of these babies on for size....let me know if you agree or if I'm up in the night. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do you know what that means?

You know when you have absolutely NO time to blog but the idea of blogging stays in your mind for...ever?  That's exactly how I've been feeling.  I've missed jotting my thoughts down and sending them into the abyss of nothingness & chaos we know as cyberspace.  Well I'm back in the game for now.....without ever really leaving the game.  I am officially "independent"...are you proud?  I left my home sweet home and moved into my own apt.  It's cozy.  It's my own little getaway.  I thoroughly enjoy it.  I don't have roommates but I have plenty of neighbors.  My closet fits (almost) all my clothes and shoes (a small miracle).  My kitchen is adorable.  My bedroom is/will be my own home away from home.  Everything is in its place and I feel good.  I can think clearly now.  What do I love most about living on my own?
1. Soul possession of the remote control (that's very important)
2. Listening to whatever music I want
3. Decorating/Arranging things the way I see fit
4. I can't hear anyone breathing at night
5. The blissful feeling that only the word "Independent" can bring
What do I dislike most about living on my own?
1. I have no one to answer to (Mom & Dad) who would've thought I'd miss that
2. The random giveaways to the tune of that almighty dollar that Dad would so obligingly bestow on his hija favorita (me)
3. No Jamie....or her "funk" system *sad face*
4. I no longer do the family grocery shopping (a favorite pass time of mine...very fulfilling).  I am pennywise pound foolish when it comes to grocery shopping for's a lonely ride.
Regardless of the ups and downs, this is a new chapter...a new start, and I love it.