Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pretty Pretty Princess?

Pretty pretty Princess right? That's what you all think when you see or think of me right? NO MORE! I have traded in my tiara and pink-ness for a more rough and tough lifestyle. That's right Bear Grylls (of Man vs Wild) you have some competition...and her name is Jenilyn Su'a. As the summer started off I didn't have a job and I wasn't a student. Some of you may look at my situation and think "Wow, what a loser." HOWEVER! I have had the BEST summer of my life...well..almost the best summer of my HAS been the BEST summer. One Day I was ansy...I needed to get out. I planned a hike:Stewart Falls.
Hiking Checklist:
*good shoes-check
*water-check (but i didn't bring enough...I was SOOOO thirsty..definite dehydration)
*granola bars-check(you never know when you're gonna need a mid-path snack)
*people who are in the same shape as you so if you need to stop and take a rest you're not the only one (smart right? bet you didn't think of it)-check
*IPOD (an absolute necessity)-check
*the football players/volleyball players/soccer players/rugby players/track guys/baseball players/ANY freaking sport in the world-check (remind me to leave them home next time)
For those of you who have NEVER hiked the Stewart Falls Hike let me break it down for starts off uphill for the first million years of your life....once you get past the first's pretty much smooth sailing (pretty much)...however, the views are breath-taking, the air is clean and the exercise is exhillarating. Once we got up to the falls one of the boys made the comment (brace yourselves girls) "Next time we're running the whole way" *weirdest look on my face i'm sure* Uh...yeah what a great idea (those were the words coming out of my mouth but not the words in my mind). Overall, the hike was great and I would def do it again....Adventure 1=Success!

If you look really close you can see us (me & Pauli) sitting on the mtn. having a conversation. This gives you an idea of how awesome the falls really are!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Didn't Know....

Last Sunday or should I say Monday (b/c it was midnight on Sunday which is technically Monday) I finally rounded up a crew to play night games (some people think night games are for little kids...I do not). It was light, crisp cool air, and great hiding spots which make for a perfect set up. After a while of hiding it was my turn to seek (piece of cake right?)...I'm very good at outwitting the opponent...I mean my acting skills to fake them out are seriously crazy!!! I was done counting...and I was in pursuit of Pauli (fast cat like reflexes but no match to mine)'s easier to run that way...and you get a lot more speed. I was chasing him and just as I reached out to claim my victory *POP* I heard it pop as if someone were holding it up to my ear...I couldn't be bothered with it so I continued to gain my victory, but then.......the pain set in...I was unable to use my foot...ouch ouch ouch ouch....breathe breathe was all that came to mind. Everyone around me could see something was wrong (I don't give up that easy I'm soooooo competitive...a weakness and a strength which is a whole other blog topic)....what's wrong Jen what's wrong are you ok? Yeah I'm good I'm so good don't even worry...I couldn't show I was in pain that would indicate weakness! I continued to play as if nothing happened (deep down dying hurt so much) not thinking that if I continued to play on an injured foot it could make it worse. We eneded shortly after...I was happy to go home and nuture my foot....the next morning I woke up and to my surprise my foot was worthless....I crippled myself. I spent the day "relaxing"....on the couch watching tv (BORRRRRING!) When my dad came home for lunch I was so excited b/c I was so thirsty! I couldn't even get up to get water! I didn't know how much I depended on BOTH of my feet. Dr. Manti Su'a diagnosed the injury as a "snapped longitudinal arch" which will eventually get better with time. It's been over a still hurts....sniffle...tear. Looking on the bright side...I'm so grateful to have feet that work. I'll remember that this Thanksgiving when we name what we're grateful for at the dinner table.

Friday, August 7, 2009

How does she do it?

Sometimes I wish I was witty, funny, and a better writer. I feel like I have nothing to write about, but there is SO much going on in my life. Why is that? I would rather write about good things than complain about what's going on with me you know? However, I'm gonna go out on a limb...I'm gonna completely put myself at there through this post b/c I really want to express how incredible my mom is. This year (starting in January) has not been the absolute best year of my life. I recognize that I have truly been blessed however, it's been a test for me. I have gone from daily breakdowns to weekly breakdowns which is def an accomplishment. All the while my mother has been there to pick up the pieces, put them back together and somehow put a smile on my does she do that? I have no idea what I did/doing/will do to deserve her, but I fully accept and love that I was blessed to have her as my mother. I know that those of you who are reading this are thinking to yourselves how much you appreciate, love, and are grateful for your mothers too. More power to us! I don't think our mothers get enough recognition, and that in itself is sad to me. They are one of the most influential people in our lives, yet sometimes I feel I take her for granted and I apologize. Mom, I love you and I'm so eternally grateful for your strength, your support, your keen intellect, and your wonderful heart. When I grow up, I want to be exactly, to the "T" like you.