Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Story of Us

I'm the kind of girl who gets charmed into seeing the latest sci-fi thriller by her boyfriend, but instead of watching the movie I make lists and play candy crush out of sheer boredom and in attempt not to pummel my head against the wall instead.  I'm a planner.  I like having an order for things.  I like being organized, prepared, and I LIKE having a plan.  The result of being organized, having a plan, and being prepared?  THINGS WORK OUT like they should.  You plan for the worst and hope for the best, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail blah blah blah......While I am a walking testament that having a five, ten year, or even lifetime plan works, there are still hiccups, I still, on occasion, have to adjust some of my plans. One of my biggest plans was to be married like, forever long ago, but that didn't happen....that was my biggest plan.  That was what all my other plans were based around, and it just never, ever happened.  As the story goes, I continued on with my spinster life, as one does when one is not married.

Jack and I met through mutual friends.  Nothing grand, nothing heart-stopping (the way I planned and pictured it).  It was a horrible meet cute.  Horrible.  I remember being so irritated by him....no reason in particular I'm just a hater sometimes.  He and his cousins started coming around to events and I would see him every so often, never once thinking twice about him.  We started playing night games, and he would come regularly...this is where he started to stand out to me.  Jack is quiet (in groups) and every so often I would hear him make a comment and would usually laugh about it.  Pretty soon his comments began to stay with me, and I would go home thinking about how funny he was.  Jack added me on facebook, and I admit, I was excited.  In fact, I remember grinning uncontrollably.....the kind of grin that communicates "Yup, you still got it, Jen." One night I invited him (thru fb) to come play night games, but he turned me down....I was bummed....Like, legit bummed.  He came anyway.  We had fun that night even though not very many people came to play.  We would text every now and again, but that was it.

At this point in my life I didn't care if boys came in or out of my life.  I was single and it was summertime.  I really only cared about having fun, lunch dates with my gal pals, and getting a tan.  I literally did NOT care about boys (prob the first time in my life).  Life was good, my friends and I would spend the day at the pool, or lake, work a few hours then go play night games with different groups of people.  Perfect summer.  Jack started to text more often, and on one particular night asked if we were going to play games that night....I didn't really want to but at this point I was down to do whatever.  It ended up raining that night so Jack invited us girls to go over to their house and play cards.  We went, and I never wanted to leave.  That night.  THAT NIGHT.  I left my care free summer at the door and now had a love interest.  We played cards til late.  I remember driving home telling Jeannette how cute I thought he was and how FUNNY he was.  This kid was killing me with comedy all night long I couldn't stop laughing.  I was having a genuinely good time with him.  I started to let me guard down.

One of his cousins liked one of my friends so we went on a double date with them to see "The Help."  Jack and I didn't sit together but, I liked being around him.  After that we would text everyday all day, and usually hang out with our little friend group we had formed (ourselves).  It all came so naturally and effortlessly.  One night we hung out alone....a little awkward (for him) at first.  We poured our hearts out to each other, and when I say that I don't mean we were mushy gushy, but I mean that if I had ANY questions he answered them and vice versa.  We were so honest with each other....I've never been so honest with anyone in my life, not even myself.  It was weird.

We started dating.  I specifically told him I was not dating just to play around, but I was dating him with a purpose.  I think he was a little surprised and taken a back when I told him that, but I decided I was going to be honest, firm, and blunt in this relationship (never had that in any other relationship).  He gave me a hard time about "having a girlfriend" and that he wasn't ready, but putting my sister missionary skills to use I got to the bottom of that pretty quick, found his doubt, and put an end to it.  None of that in this relationship....none of it.

We began getting to know one another, we would go on adventures together, even the smallest adventure of tossing a coin to see whether or not we should go right or left.  We spent almost all our free time together. We would rearrange our schedules so that we could spend 30min together.  Who was I?  What was happening to me?  We never fought, we laughed.  We discussed....we DISCUSSED a lot.  We would agree to disagree.  We went on long long long long walks....that boy can walk forever!  We teased, we flirted, we developed a relationship of trust.  I began to fall.....

Our relationship developed, we met each other's families. We started going to church together, we planned around each others schedules.  On Nov. 8th 2011 Jack officially asked me to be his girlfriend (a HUGE step for him).  I remember what we were wearing, where we were, and his exact tone of voice.  I remember being speechless, ME, speechless.  I was quiet for about 5 min (an eternity) and finally said yes.  It wasn't that I wasn't sure, I was just soaking up the moment.  I felt like we were making headway in our relationship.  On March 2nd 2012, we said "I love you." Time marched on. We grew together, we had each other to lean on in trials and helped each other make difficult decisions.  I grew to love him more and more each day.....it wasn't what I had grown up picturing in my head.  I liked real life better.

We got a dog together.  Jack always wanted a pit bull and an opportunity presented itself and we became owners of a beautiful blue nose pit bull which we named Slim Shady. I feel like taking care of Slim brought us even more closer together.  It felt right.  Everything felt right.

Now, I don't want you guys to feel that everything has been roses and rainbows, because we have definitely had our "down" moments.  But what I love, is that we have always walked away from those dark moments closer, and stronger than when we began.  Jack is not a quitter, and I love that about him.  I love the mentality of working through tough times in any aspect of the phrase.

It has been over two years since we've been together.....I thought I'd be married and have a baby or at least a baby on the way by now, but, that's not our story right now.  Right now we are enjoying this engagement (engagement story to follow soon) and are making plans for our April 12th wedding.  This story was not in my plan, it was not anything that I ever imagined. I like this story more than what I had planned.  I love the story of us right now, and if push came to shove I would do it all again, and I wouldn't change a thing.  I wouldn't change waiting, I wouldn't change our meet cute, I wouldn't change a thing.  Because all these little things have made up the best love story I've ever been in.  I have never been happier than I am in this minute, this time, and this episode of my life.  I feel so blessed, and favored in so many ways.  Happiness is in my grasp, and I cannot help myself.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Thanksgiving was gooooood

So even on my worst days I feel really fortunate, it's probably bc I am (not bragging).  I know and feel the simplicity of my life, and at the same time I feel the pressures of being an adult.  I love both sides of the spectrum.  I love that I have a companion to share that with.  I love that he evens me out, and I even him out.  I love that his weaknesses are my strengths and my weaknesses are most definitely his strengths.  Without a doubt we are 1000 percent opposites, but that is exactly what I love about "us."

This year for Thanksgiving we decided to concentrate on one family and then switch next year.  This year we did my "in-laws."  I love his family.  They are super fun loving and love to play games and have get-togethers that are the exact right amount of good food, relaxation and competition. We started out with his entire extended family eating a ginormous feast....like three overflowing tables of food. THAT was round one.  It was chuck full of first helpings, second helpings, third helpings, and maybe even "grazing" after that.  Good company, so much laughter....like.....SO much laughter. Heart-to-hearts with relatives (of his) that I never get to see, and then on to round two.  We went over to Siaki's sister's house for another Thanksgiving dinner.  Side note **I didn't know we were going to have another feast, I did not prepare myself for that, oh well** While we waited for another turkey to cook the boys played basketball outside while the girls had a gossip sesh, and played cards.  So fun.  We took a little break and drove down the street to my parents house and had a few snacks, played a couple games of Candy Land then went back to Nita & Paul's house.  Once we were done there we made our way to some shops for a little black friday shopping....again, I had no idea that's what we were going to do, but it was fun.  Once the day was over I was literally exhausted, but it was the best kind of exhausted....the kind where you've filled your day with loved ones, good food, good conversation, good competition, and lots of shopping!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Autumn Adventures

Autumn is beautiful.  I love it.  There have been some recent changes in my life, I moved.  No more West Ridge Academy.  It was time.  The move was right. I moved to Farmington. It's a little further than I expected.  In fact, I didn't expect to be further north than Salt Lake City, but I like it.  I am in a little apartment that definitely needs a little love and attention, but I can appreciate that.  Slim and I love it.  Jack makes frequent visits because the food is unmatched, and so is the company.

Jack and I are able to schedule are days off together (which is the best part of our jobs) which means that adventure is frequently on the agenda.  I live right up against Farmington canyon, and right down the road from Farmington pond, both of which are hidden gems in this neck of the woods.  We took Slim and her bestie Kimber....I know you guys prob think that it's weird for Slim to have a bestie, but it's seriously so cute....on a hike and it was so fun, it was a gorgeous hike with gorgeous views we had such a great time, couldn't have ordered up a nicer day.  Here are some pictures from our adventure: