Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quit playin games with my heart

Real talk?  I do not care that I am in my 20's and have a crush, nay, infatuation with Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys.  I was getting irritated with the building anticipation. It was hot.   People watching was getting annoying--side note: people do NOT know how to dress for their body type.  The first thought that popped into my mind when the lights went out was "ok let's get this over with," I have no idea why I wasn't pumped.  The very SECOND AJ, Brian, Howie, and Nick came into view I was 17 guys SEVENTEEN!  No shame....none.  I have not listened to their music since 2001-ish...when they left the scene...incidentally, I knew EVERY word to EVERY song...funny how that works.  The memories came flooding was all very nostalgic in a way.  I was mezmerized....smitten if you will.  I've always, always been an *NSYNC girl, but tonight it was all about BSB.  Never mind the fact that Nick still can't dance (nobody's perfect), AJ is a little bit "chunky monkey," Brian is married and has a kiddo, and Howie is....well...Howie...never did pay much attention to the dude.  There's is no other group of girls I'd rather share this concert with than my Combs sisters....we go way back.  Legs sore (from jumping up and down...don't judge) voice....sore throat....dehydrated...Best. Night. far.  

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Guess what?  This degree-less girl isn't so degree-less.  Turns out I have an Associates Degree.  Do you know what that means?  It means that now when I tell people I have a degree it will be 100% legit.  Most of you are like...who cares?  My sentiments exactly.  It's a piece of paper, but my dad is dead set on me getting a degree so, I do what is takes to keep 'em happy.  No skin off my back.  I only have a handful of credits til I get a BA so I thought "what the heck" I'll take summer classes.  1st day of school was last week.  One word: oddish?  I've only ever known BYU schools....SLCC is a far cry from BYU.  I thought I would attend school, and charm them with my easy going awesomeness...not so....that plan has been done {although taken in a  completely opposite direction from my own road map on "How to be cool and influence people"} oh well...I'll just be my easy breezy self, it'll happen, no doubt, NO doubt.  SLCC is a bit of a step down for me {nose in the air}'s like high school all over again {loved high school}, BUT my credits are being transferred to BYU so don't worry I WILL have that coveted piece of paper with a BYU stamp on it...what a relief.  Please bless I'll be voted "Most Popular" or "Homecoming Queen" this year {fingers strenuously crossed}...false, I do not give 2 hoots in hades about that stuff....but my classmates do so I'll play along....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Doom and Gloom

Life has given me lemons and I've made frickin pineapple juice....seriously enough with the optimism right?  Well not really, but it makes me feel better if I say it.  I pride myself on being optimistic....but I don't think it comes out as optimism. Bummer.  I'm feelin like I need a "right-place-at-the-right-time" moment, but I have a hunch I won't get one.  Figures.  I blame China.  *big sigh* Well...I guess I'm gonna have to make my own batch of homemade cheerfulness (if I could put it in a package and sell it I'd be rich b/c I've mastered THIS art) this week.  I'm in the mood for a little foolishness, a little nonsense if you will.  Please pass any along if you feel prompted.  Oh, and if I get ONE MORE wedding invite I might just.....well never you mind{I being completely facetious}.  Guess WHO is goin to the Backstreet Boys concert at the end of this month?  If you guessed me-you win.  I am.  Don't judge.  Yes they are a poor man's *Nsync, and yes they've had their time in the sun but you know what....I'm summer night+bsb+the combs girl posse = a night to remember.  Don't hate.  I am pleased as punch folks.  It's just that sort of thing.