Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Give it up!

"Mother love is the fuel that enables the normal human being to do the impossible." -Marion Garetty. It was my moms birthday on Saturday. In honor of my mom I wanted to name 25 things I love about her (even though there are a million things...I didn't think it would be fair to everyone else if I named all 1million of them).

25. *Submitted by Mikey* She is so true! Whenever things get chaotic, she is always the one (more or less) who has her head on straight. She can get through ANY situation (and is prepared for most...which we will address further into this blog). She is the one we rely on to keep a level don't ever really have to worry about making mom mad b/c she will always always talk it through with you. An amazing trait to start of this entry!

24. She ALWAYS comes home happy...even if she has had a horrible hectic day, when she walks in the door she has a smile on her face. This characterisitc makes all the difference in our home, our lives, and our attitudes.

23. Whenever she answers the phone she sounds like she's in a good mood. Some of you may be thinking....why is this on the list? Have you ever had your family members answer your phone call like they were a bad mood....uninterested? It's not pleasant...but we can always count on mom to be happy, & upbeat which is completely contagious.

22. She ALWAYS knows what to do. Whenever any of us are in a pickle....she has the exact remedy...and it always works!

21. Her love is completely contagious. If she loves someone we automatically love them too...i.e. if one of us (the siblings) is driving another sibling crazy she can always talk us into forgiving them and loving them....ughhhhh sometimes it's so frustrating b/c you just want to be mad but you can't.....not when she's around :)

20. Her inevitable NEED for her children....I don't mean she NEEDS us around to be happy, or content I mean she needs us around so she doesn't get LOST! I don't know how she gets from point A to point B but I love her for it. It not only is comical it's what makes Mom....Mom.

19. *Submitted by Manti* One of his favs is when she says something that's a tiny tiny bit off-color, she laughs and gets WAY embarassed. It's so true! What's even funnier is the laugh she does when she gets embarassed about something!

18. She is supportive of ANYTHING & EVERYTHING that any of us want to do. Can I tell you how much of a difference that makes in our lives? She not only backs us 100% but she'll do the work with us if she needs to (example Manti & Mikey's paper route...she was the one waking the boys up at 5am...helping fold the "papes" and then driving the boys around to deliver them)THAT is how supportive she is. I cannot imagine my life without the amount of support she has given me, & I'm sure my siblings would agree.

17. "Write me a note" 'nuff said :)

16. Her British accent. Hahahahaha. When Shanna & Pam get together they magically transform into British Women...only for a few sentences though.

15. She has the sweetest disposition. Maybe she inherited this characteristic from her Mother. Regardless, it is wonderful to live complaints here.

14. Her attachment to the "outdoors." She has taught all of us in one way or another to love the outdoors and to appreciate all its diversions.

13. Her taste. Pam has a very distinct taste/zest for style, food, decoration, & entertainment. If we ever see something funky & coolio in a store be it clothes, sunglasses, decor, movies, etc etc we have coined the phrase "this is SO mom!" It's what makes Pam....Pam....Love it!

12. Her green thumb. Pam can work wonders with a yard, dead plants of all sorts, and indoor plants. She is one who has been blessed with the Gift of Gardening....jealous!

11. I HAVE TO put this on the list.....the "Campbell Way"....which I have come to love. Imagine the simplest situation...for instance....turning off the lights in the house/church/anywhere....multiply the level of complexity by 10....add 4....multiply it AGAIN by 4 million and you will have something close to...the Campbell Way....after Kristen & Nate's Wedding this is what happened...we were all hungry and decided to make our way over to an old Family favorite: China Nite. As we were in the church parking lot this conversation took place:
Gma: Oh dear, the lights in the church are still on.
Shanna: Ok I'll go turn them off
Pam: We need to get to China Nite it closes at 10
Gma: Shanna, do you know where the lights in the church are?
Shanna: No, but I can find them
Gma: I know where they are I'll go turn them off
Shanna: I don't think so, you need to get into the car...I'll go turn the lights off...Pam get mom into the car!
Gma: But honey you don't know where the lights are
Pam: We need to go!
Shanna: (to Gma) well I'm not gonna let you go turn the lights off
Pam: Everyone get in the car!
Shanna: Pam! We need to turn the lights off in the church
Pam: Well I don't know where they are
Shanna: Neither do I
Gma: Now Shanna I can turn off the lights just as easy as anyone else can
Shanna: No mom you need to get into the car
Pam: Shanna China Nite closes at 10
Shanna: I know that...I'm trying to get mom in the car so we can go
Gma: but the lights need to be turned off
Pam: We need to go now China Nite closes at 10!
This went on for about 30 mins....and the lights never did get turned off. Hence...the Campbell Way. *Don't touch this one's a trademark*

10. Her "greens"....that no longer exist...but we loved them just the same!

9. Her Lullaby's. They have stuck with ALL of us to this very fact...we now sing them to our new Nephew.

8. Her strength in the Gospel. Her testimony is not only an example but it is a wonderful testification to us that the Church is true.

7. Her ability to make a house a HOME.

6. Her kindness. She is kind to everyone.

5. The example that she sets for all of us.

4. Her zest for life. Pam has gone on several international tours/ marathons...on a few occasions has even taken one of us with her!

3. She is a classy lady. Pam is always polite and uses manners which she has taught each of us...

2. She is the most intelligent woman we know. Her love for reading, history, and thirst for knowledge have definitely benifited each of us not only scholastically but she has been able to annihilate any stupors of thought that we may come across....if you ever watch/play Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit with Pam (and/or Jamie) count on losing.

1. Without a doubt Mom is the easiest person to talk talk things through comfort wipe tears go to with the toughest of questions/problems/concerns etc.

A world without Mom is a world with no hope, no joy, no cheerfulness, no coziness, no happiness, no life. She is the bread to our butter and the breath to our life :)
For better or for worse she has become the voice in my head....the voice of reason that I can't seem to drown out...she is my supporter my cheerleader, my example, my strength and I count my MANY MANY blessings to be able to call her Mother. Happy Birthday Mom. We all love you so much!

Monday, September 28, 2009


So......Do you guys have guilty pleasures that you're embarassed about?  I asked a friend what their Guiltiest Pleasure was and they said..."candy"....uh.....errrrr!  Back it up...that is NOT a guilty pleasure b/c the majority of us (I realize that there are a select few who do NOT enjoy candy) enjoy it...therefore it does NOT qualify as a "Guilty Pleasure."  Let me break it down for everyone.  A Guilty Pleasure is something that you see/feel/taste/smell/hear....which you enjoy....yet have a sense of guilt whether real or imagined.  I have SOOOOO many Guilty would think that I would want to lock myself up and hide.  However, today I'm feeling brave...I also think it would be very therapeutic to write them down and send it out into the never ending abyss we know as the internet (completely safe right?  hmph...just don't care today).
1. Reality TV:  It's sooooo trashy but sometimes I just cannot pull myself away from it. "Keeping up with the Kardashians," "Addicted to Beauty," "Paris Hilton's BFF" (why! why me?!)  "Real World/Road Rules Challeneges," "Bridezillas" which btw HOW do those girls acutally find someone that will commit themselves to marry them?  I guess miracles still happen.
2.  Watching movies with the "Closed-Captioning" on:  it's true, I'm a closet closed-captioner.  I can't help it, but I thoroughly enjoy it.
3.  Faking sick to get out of doing chores:  I am NOT the only one in the family that does this and that's where I find justification.  All we have to do is fake/pretend we REALLY don't feel good, and voila, sympathy sets in and softens the hearts of those around us and just like chores.  Freakishly amazing....yet guilty.
4. "Sleeping like a sailor" as my dad would say: I enjoy sleeping...I sue me.  I find it hard to have a real good sleep sesh b/c my guilt immediately sets in around 10am...and as I'm talking myself into throwing my cares to the wind and sleeping til I can't sleep anymore, the wiser more concious part of me wins and I am up for the day...all the while regretting my decision to wake up...and....ultimately do's a tough battle to fight.
5.  Iced Venti Chai-tea from Starbucks (only Starbucks): so these drinks are pretty much happiness in a cup.  I haven't decided nor do I want to decided if it is in violation of  "Section 89" (D&C)...I am in torment b/c they are niether hot nor strong drinks BUT it does have the word "tea" in it...but THIS tea comes from an herb found in India....blah blah can understand my frustration wanting to uphold the standards of the church while fighting off the natural man.  For now I am at peace...the chai continues.  Throw in a vanilla scone and I am positively sinful....
6.  Borrowing wifi: not residential wifi but business wifi....why have wifi if you don't want people to use it?  Why do I feel guilty going into a buisness and using their wifi?  Because they have commercials about people "borrowing" wifi and it makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong....which leads to another internal argument....which I blatently ignore.  Still....the sense of guilt....yet....pleasurable.
7.  Oh!  This one I LOVE LOVE LOVE.....Causing trouble ON PURPOSE!  This is kind of a long story but it explains exactly what I mean.  One time (at band camp...but not really) when I was about 10 yrs old I was outside...I saw Mikey & his best friend Devin playing & for some reason or another I started yelling at them....all of sudden...Mikey threw a LOG at my head!  It didn't really hurt or phase me, but in my mind I was so mad at him for throwing a log at the drama queen that I, THEN, was...clamped my hand on my head and went screaming bloody murder to my mom.  When I got into the house I remember exactly what happened....I gave a BRILLIANT performance about what happened and as I pulled my hand away from my head I felt it....wet, thick, nastiness....blood.  I remember drifting in and out of conciousness, seeing bloody wash rag after bloody wash rag being pulled away from my head to try and clot the bleeding.  My plan back-fired...not only did Mikey NOT get in trouble (b/c all the attention was on me and saving my mischievious life), but I was taken to the hospital for tests and annoying!  As an adult looking back...that's what I get....I was trying to cause trouble and it backfired.  Serves me right...right?  WRONG....I continued in my pursuit to instigate trouble for my own amusement.  Hehehehehehe...guilty pleasure number 7...check!
8.  Justification:  I don't know why I get such a kick out of this...but I can pretty much justify myself out of anything.....please bless I don't turn into a murderer or something horrendous like that.  I'm talking about the petty stuff....not washing my car, not taking the garbage out, impulse buying, a quick trip to know, the stuff that doesn't really matter.
Ok so now that I've totally ratted myself out....what about you guys?  What are YOUR guilty pleasures???

Friday, September 25, 2009

Desperado Vent Sesh!

Ok so I saw this lady at work who was wearing these silk-meets-velvet type material pair of OVERALLS (Bible!)  Guys if your mom or gma was wearing something like that you would tell her right?  I feel bad that her family didn't tell her that overalls went out of style with "Kriss Kross" (jump jump). 
So I've lived in Utah now for a while and I always hear the term "Utah Driver" but I never knew what it meant....I've been way confused about that...until.....recently.  Have you noticed that Utah Drivers have that "me first" mentality?  SO ANNOYING!  When someone is trying to merge (politely) into the next lane so she doesn't miss her do NOT speed up so you won't be stuck behind her....I experience this on a daily basis.  It's irritating.
Ok so you know that quote "cleanliness is next to Godliness?"  I totally get that quote and love it....but I don't know what is up with me lately....I'm in a funk that I can't shake....I cannot bring myself to clean my living space!  Normally, I enjoy cleaning, but my room has been nothing less of an un-natural disaster....suggestions?
Ooh....have you guys ever been walking down the hall at work and there is another co-worker walking towards you and they act like they don't know or see you?  I think it's so funny!  So I go out of my way to make them notice me...not really "out of my way" but I make an effort to interact with them....*high pitched voice* awkward...hahaha for them not me.  Hello CO-WORKERS!  We spend 40-60 hours of the week together...can we like each other please? hahahahaha! part of the "funk" I'm going through...I have NO blank cds....AND I ran out of eyeliner and I just can't bring myself to go to target and get more (cds & eyeliner).....guys seriously...without eyeliner I look animalistic/gross/'s not cute. I also ran out of my FAVORITE gum (I'm picky when it comes to stuff like that)...Trident Peppermint Splash (guys it's amazing and lasts forever...and the texture is so awesome...try it) can ONLY buy it at Target...I haven't seen it in any other store (annoying)'s been like a month since I've been I haven't had my fav gum I I thought I would shoot a quick email over to Trident to express my adoration/devotion of their product...with the hopes of getting *free* swag and gum (sometimes you can totally score just by writing a letter of appreciation to a BIG company...not the smalls ones)...ERRRR!  FALSE!  They did not have an option to write in to them.  What company doesn't have that option on their website?  TRIDENT!  Poor poor pittiful me right?  I am in dire need of a pedi...someone pointed out that we can give ourselves pedicures and not have to pay $20-$30 for them...umm....mine NEVER turn out like the way Phoung-Li (Tracey-American Name) does it down at Beautiful Nail.  *deep breath* oh I feel so much better!  OOH!  On a lighter note...I have been discovering SOOO much good music!  Ugh I LOVE music!!!  Lucky lucky me!  You guys...Solange Knowles is actually really good...I love her album it's so fun and upbeat!  Kiwini Vaitai....instant mood improver!  Thanks for letting me vent....SUCH a difference!!  Muuuwwah!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


YOU GUYS!  Guess what TOTALLY AWESOME sister of mine is turning 21 today?!!!!!  Ok ok ok...I only have one sister but still....she is the most "STELLAR" chick in the world....I may be a little biased but I seriously love her TO DEATH & think she's the funniest person alive!  I decided to dedicated an entire post to Jamie Su'a!!!  Since she's turning 21 I'm gonna name 21 things that I love about her!  For some of you who don't know Jamie you are seriously missing out!  If you ever get a chance to get to know her...DO NOT HESITATE!  Let the countdown begin.....
21. Gees, where do I begin?  I'll start at the beginning...literally...she's my YOUNGER sister and only a personality like Jamie could follow my tough act! 
20.  She's the smartest person I all aspects.  She's brain smart, if she was on Jeopardy she would win.  I hate/love watching Jeopardy with her b/c she gets all the answers (even the ones my Mom & Auntie Shanna can't get) before I even have time to mull it over in my mind.  She is media smart....she knows what is going on in Hollywood as well as....uh.....not Hollywood....I seriously don't know how she has so much brain space.
19.  She will do ANYTHING for anyone to help them.  Seriously you guys...when I look for excuses she's right there helping and doing whatever she needs to do to help people...even if she's tired....or annoyed.
18.  She's the sweetest girl!  I could never ask for a sweeter, kind-er sister.  She's so tender-hearted.  Ugh...I don't know if I can get through this post w/o crying.....10 min break
17.  Ok...back in action....we are DIE-HARD *Nsync fans....for those of you who are hating on us right now...back it up....slow your don't wanna mess with this!  James and I have gotten into several concerts of theirs for of them was a Backstreet Boys Concert, whom I consider a poor man's *Nsync...but the nevertheless...*Nsync brought us closer together, and when everyone was hatin' on me she stood by me and was right there to show all the "haters" up by singing and dancing every word to "bye bye bye, it's tearing up my heart, giddy up, i want you back"...etc, etc.   We would stay up til ALL hours of the night and wait for their Disney Concert to come on tv just so we could watch them....we would have to argue with our mom to stay up later so we could watch it....2 against 1 always has the advantage...right on Jame!  Stick together!
16.  We are the freakin BEST tag team ever!!!  We work it and twerk it (& I don't mean that in a clubbin' dance move way..I mean we can turn it on and turn it off  from Oakland to Sactown...the Bay Area and back down!) When we join forces.....our power is limitless!  Side Note: Don't ever let us play on the same team in a will have NO CHANCE of winning....I'm serious...none.
15.  Domestically we are a good team....I can make our house shine like the top of the Chrysler building....and she can mow the lawn like she owns her own Landscaping business....the girl's got talent NOT underestimate her mowing abilities!
14.  When nobody would listen to me about how great the soap opera "Passions" was...SHE stuck with me and got hooked on it too.  We would leave school (Copper Hills High....go grizz) to come home and watch it....we converted a few....not many...but a few.
13.  She LOVES her family.  This girl goes completely out of her way for her fam bam....immediate AND extended!
12.  Girl can COOK!  Who needs a personal chef if Jamie is around?  Seriously you guys....I don't know how she does it but she's by far one of the best cooks I know...besides you mom and dad (you're a cook are you dad!)
11. She has a certain pizazz on the piano that nobody else can duplicate.  She's one of a kind.
10. It's like she can almost read my crazy!
9.  She can quote movie lines in her everday conversation....and make it sound good.  This is not a talent to be taken lightly folks.....
8.  She has pretty much the cutest hand writing I've ever seen.....along with a variety of different fonts and sizes.
7.  She is a hard worker. 
6.  Only Jamie can invent "contradictory dancing" excute it to a "T" and make my sides hurt from watching it!
5.  Jamie is the ONLY person I know whose car has a "FUNK" of a kind of a kind!
4.  Her facebook status updates are the most clever updates in the world....sorry guys....she wins hands down.
3.  She has an amazing eye for classic-trashy-can't-pull-yourself-away television.
2. She can invent/create/put together...crafts/martha stewart-ish meets rachel ray-ish/home economic-ness things...for instance...quilts, purses, necklaces, clothes, accessories,scrapbooks,baby books, and everything else "do-it-yourself" under the sun...(she would be the one to do it) is not only incredible to watch, but fantatic to reap the fruits of her labor...we totally get hooked up!
1. Drum-roll please.......if there were a contest for the wittiest, most cleverest (grammatical error intended), most ingenious girl, she would win.  It's as plain and simple as that.  I know a lot of you might be in the running for that...but when it comes right down to it (& it's not just cause she's my sister) Jamesie would command & conquer all.  Jamie's humor is not only intelligently skillful, but it's quick, hilarious, and enjoyable. 
Getting down to brass tax....she's an absolute necessity to our family & I would NEVER want to live without her.  Happy Birthdizzle Jamie....we all love you so so much!  In the words of  Cookie Googleman...."You don't forget the best!" - Best in Show

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brrr! It's cold in here!

"You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water" Rabindranath Tagore. I am a "doer" I think I always have been. If I want to do something I will simply do it...not talk about it....I say this not to boast or find favor within myself but to illustrate how much FUN it can be! A few years ago I was driving up Provo Canyon and saw a sign "Float Trips"...I investigated...having rather a curious nature I tried it much fun! This year I suggested to a group of friends that we should float down the Provo river! We got a good group together and had it out with the River....countless bruises and scratches later we have another Adventure to go into the books. It was such a hit we did it several times this summer...each time we went new people came...not only a fun acitivity but a great way to make new friends! The water is a deathly 40 degrees Farenheit for some people proved much too cold...some stood on the banks of the river and poked fun at those trying to catch their breath once they hit the water....those people were soon brought to humilty when it came time for them to enter the water. The object of the game is to stay in the middle of the river, or else.....if you don't you'll take it up with the rocks, branches, logs, fish, and shrubbery of the river banks (thus the bruises and scratches). Here's the secret...don't fight it...if you run into the bank of the river or a rock or a log etc...just let it will correct itself...I tried to tell everyone that over and over...but no one listened...I have gone down this river a plethora of times and I've walked away scotch free...hmmmm coincidence? NOPE...sheer genius and intellect! Adventure 2-Cha-ching...success!
I love this pic (above) you can see Whitney, Mary, & Lisa fighting with the trees!  lol!