Friday, September 25, 2009

Desperado Vent Sesh!

Ok so I saw this lady at work who was wearing these silk-meets-velvet type material pair of OVERALLS (Bible!)  Guys if your mom or gma was wearing something like that you would tell her right?  I feel bad that her family didn't tell her that overalls went out of style with "Kriss Kross" (jump jump). 
So I've lived in Utah now for a while and I always hear the term "Utah Driver" but I never knew what it meant....I've been way confused about that...until.....recently.  Have you noticed that Utah Drivers have that "me first" mentality?  SO ANNOYING!  When someone is trying to merge (politely) into the next lane so she doesn't miss her do NOT speed up so you won't be stuck behind her....I experience this on a daily basis.  It's irritating.
Ok so you know that quote "cleanliness is next to Godliness?"  I totally get that quote and love it....but I don't know what is up with me lately....I'm in a funk that I can't shake....I cannot bring myself to clean my living space!  Normally, I enjoy cleaning, but my room has been nothing less of an un-natural disaster....suggestions?
Ooh....have you guys ever been walking down the hall at work and there is another co-worker walking towards you and they act like they don't know or see you?  I think it's so funny!  So I go out of my way to make them notice me...not really "out of my way" but I make an effort to interact with them....*high pitched voice* awkward...hahaha for them not me.  Hello CO-WORKERS!  We spend 40-60 hours of the week together...can we like each other please? hahahahaha! part of the "funk" I'm going through...I have NO blank cds....AND I ran out of eyeliner and I just can't bring myself to go to target and get more (cds & eyeliner).....guys seriously...without eyeliner I look animalistic/gross/'s not cute. I also ran out of my FAVORITE gum (I'm picky when it comes to stuff like that)...Trident Peppermint Splash (guys it's amazing and lasts forever...and the texture is so awesome...try it) can ONLY buy it at Target...I haven't seen it in any other store (annoying)'s been like a month since I've been I haven't had my fav gum I I thought I would shoot a quick email over to Trident to express my adoration/devotion of their product...with the hopes of getting *free* swag and gum (sometimes you can totally score just by writing a letter of appreciation to a BIG company...not the smalls ones)...ERRRR!  FALSE!  They did not have an option to write in to them.  What company doesn't have that option on their website?  TRIDENT!  Poor poor pittiful me right?  I am in dire need of a pedi...someone pointed out that we can give ourselves pedicures and not have to pay $20-$30 for them...umm....mine NEVER turn out like the way Phoung-Li (Tracey-American Name) does it down at Beautiful Nail.  *deep breath* oh I feel so much better!  OOH!  On a lighter note...I have been discovering SOOO much good music!  Ugh I LOVE music!!!  Lucky lucky me!  You guys...Solange Knowles is actually really good...I love her album it's so fun and upbeat!  Kiwini Vaitai....instant mood improver!  Thanks for letting me vent....SUCH a difference!!  Muuuwwah!


Calley said...

Oh em gee. Will you please vent more because I am crying laughing right now :) even though I'm sure it was difficult for you, emotionally. "We bought a book..."

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Oh you are funny! That was fun to read... you should vent more often ;)


MAUGA FAM said...

That was hilarious, remember when we used to say " Tell you Dad not to.... or tell your mom not to....when we saw someone that was wearing something funny....AHAHAHA! Good times!
I luv u Jen & I have seen you with NO makeup, you are STILL beautiful!

Jennifer Lane said...

What I say about the woman...."Oh bless her heart."