Friday, June 27, 2014

Slim the Pit Bull

I know absolutely no one cares about my dog. I know this. However, I care. You guys, she is literally the sweetest thing I've ever owned. You know how that police officer shot that dog? It's been in the news a lot, and I've really pondered how I would feel if that had actually happened to Slim. I would die. Literally, I would want to die. She is the first thing I see when I get home from work and she is SO happy, and SO excited to see me. Who wouldn't love that? I have a doggy door which she goes in and out as she pleases when I'm at work. She plays with her friends Scout & Jeeves from upstairs (so she's not alone during the day) but when I come home for the day she doesn't leave my side. We usually relax for a while then cook dinner then we go for out nightly adventure, which is disguised as a typical "walk" but for Slim it's an adventure. She is so curious and so busy, and has to check everything out like she owns the joint, and by joint I mean WHEREVER we happen to be walking. We get home have some treats, watch our shows and then it's bed time. I know this is really bad, but she sleeps with me, in my bed. She cuddles right up and we both fall asleep right away. On the weekends we do different things, we'll go to my parents house and play with the kids or clean (keeping the apt clean is a huge task with her), or go for walks. We pretty much live a very charmed life. She's my companion, in every sense of the word. In the beginning I had some serious concerns about owning a Pit Bull, and now, now that I know she's the best thing I've ever owned in my life, I think of how stupid I was to question my ownership. It blows my mind that even though we don't speak the same language she knows when I'm sad, she knows when I'm moody, she knows what emotions I'm feeling and she acts accordingly. How.the.heck? There's nothing quite like the love of an animal. What luck. My favorite comedy flick is "Best in Show." Have you seen it? I quote it daily. My best friends and I love that show, it's so ridiculous, and now I realize I'm those people. I'm ridiculous. Guess what? Don't care. She's a winner...obviously. Here are some pix of my last couple months: Leila is so adorable I can hardly stand it. Did I mention one of my favorite things to do is NOT wear make up. I'm super into doing my nails lately. Bahama Mama and a lil' glitter accent nail really speaks to me. Ooooh winner. I've missed you blogging people in my life. I'm welcoming myself back into blogging. How humble of me.