Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb Feb.

Ok so I don't wanna be a brag-a-saurus, but seriously this Februray has been a dream.  Things are going well with school, and work.  I feel like I'm really getting my calling(s) (there are 6 of them...just call me amazing jk kidding, jk kidding) down, and there's this really cute guy that keeps coming around.  I sorta like him....ok I really like him.
Valentine's Day was wonderful...we spent the day together....*warning* this description is totally cliche....hate all you want but it was seriously the best Valentine's day ever.  We went and saw "The Vow" (perfect V-day movie) then went to the Cheesecake Factory, and walked around the mall.  Then just hung out with each other, I honestly have never dated a guy that I feel so comfortable with.  We have so much fun together and laugh constantly.  We are pretty competitive when it comes to cards, and have a hard time losing to each other, I'm pretty sure that night I beat him....well...a little bit.  He's a pretty stand up guy.  I feel pretty darn lucky to be dating him. 
The other night we went on a double with our good friends Staley and LisaBeth.  We went ice skating.  I mean, I'm really a natural at everything (totally sarcastic) and to be honest when I heard we were going ice skating I didn't really WANT to go, BUUUUT once we got there it was like non-stop fun.  I can't believe how much fun we had.  Jack was the "last man standing" (of course), everyone else biffed it at one point including yours truly....not cute.....not cute.  At one point Jack mentioned how awesome it would be if it started to snow, and low and behold....the heaven's opened up and made it an even more romantic night....totes lucky right?  We walked around the Gallivan Center as the lights were still up, it was actually really awesome.  We went to the Belgian Waffle afterwards and ate til we couldn't eat anymore...ps snaps to Belgian Waffle...they have the best breakfast food after dark. 
 It's just been a great month, and I had to share.