Thursday, September 26, 2013

Braddah, Sistah, Keiki, Jen....

Well, it's over, it's done.  My time in Hawai'i came and went like a thief in the night.  So many new and cherished memories were made.  You guys, I want to tell you every single little thing, but there are hardly words......hardly words.  Even as I sit here and try to form a sentence to illustrate what is was like, I am drawing a blank.  Where do I even begin?  How can I tell you guys about the feelings that are harbored in Hawai'i?  Bullet points (best bet).

*Laki will be an entertainer when he grows doubt.
*My parents are fun, and so generous (they paid for me)
*I am aggressive.  My dad needs a chair when HE NEEDS A CHAIR...get to work, ushers!
*PCC is like a 2nd home complete with Aunties and Uncles who will always be Aunties & Uncles regardless of bloodline
*Laie holds one of the most special place in my heart
*There is no duplication for the Aloha spirit, none whatsoever
*The beach is my warm fuzzy, my fire on a cold stormy night, my bright & cheery morning, my diet coke with lime on a hot summer day, my way home
*Turtle Bay is the best place to stay
*Air conditioning rocks my world
*Hawaii's food is unmatched by any state, nation, kindred tongue, or people....unmatched ladies and gentlemen. UN-MATCHED
*The best investment for a 4yr old are goggles
*You can never take too many pictures in Hawai'i
*In Hawaii you get as many selfie freebees as you want, it's the law
*I'm still afraid of sharks, even when dad is swimming with me
*Ted's bakery and Kim Chee 1 really know what they're doing
*I enjoy watching the OG's put on a show better than the more recent generations.  The first generation of PCC has meaning, respect, grace, and nostalgia behind their moves.
*As it stands Hawaii is a Pepsi state, but there needs to be a revolution...Coca Cola where you at?
*I missed my Slim, and especially my Jack. 
*The new running trail between Laie and Kahuku was always packed...I loved it.  No shame. 
*Ling Hi Mui is still my fave.  It's an acquired taste for tourist, but it's like butter to me.
*Snorkling takes me to a different world.  I figured out it is my favorite pass time...ever. 

I know I've overloaded you with pictures, but these aren't even half of what I took.  I would go on this exact vacation again and again.  It was probably the best family vacation I've ever had...correction: It was the best family vacation I've ever had.  Oh Hawai'i, I love you more than you know.