Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kiwi Continuation

There are hardly words to describe the way we feel when we do something for the first time. Words such as "awesome, breathtaking, unreal, beautiful, fantastic, and amazing" are just too understated for me to use. So how do I describe my experiences?

In New Zealand there are heart-stopping views pretty much wherever you look. This is atop a mountain...hill rather at sunset. Have you ever noticed how sunsets are the perfect backdrop for any occasion?

Once upon a time there was a hill with a single tree that stood upon it we knew it as "One Tree Hill" a famous band called U2 named one of their albums after it. A few years ago some idiot chopped down the ONE tree that stood on "One Tree Hill" thus making tree hill...the ONE trademark that separated this hill and gave it individuality no longer existed. Now there's a monument in tribute to the country's heritage and ancestry. This is ONE of the views from that hill.

One sunset evening...mind you I wanted to go during the day so we could see the view, but as it is "Samoan time" is set for structure or guilt (if you miss an appointment) no sense of time exists...we decided to go on a hike up Mangere Mtn. with the sun setting (in all it's stunning glory) we walked up the mtn at our leisure (not really...we had a drill srgt. telling me to pick up the pace before the sun went down) enjoying the brisk evening air and the thrilling foliage of Mangere's finest mtn. this is a parital view from half way up.

When I left for NZ I had no intentions of being in another wedding line (3 times a bridesmaid never a bride sort of thing). As it was I was honored to be part of the Krone-Siaki Wedding cousin Shirley and I had a great time...IN THE RAIN...and the humidity!

Each of the bridesmaids wore a different color dress (all the same in make...different in color) Liz (pink), Myself (green), & Toe (blue) were very happy to take our seat in the stretch hummer limo....we roll deep! Hahahaha!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Only Child Syndrome

I am the oldest of four kids. My whole life I've always wanted to be an only child. Maybe b/c I USED TO (past tense)love attention. Well ladies and gentlemen, I finally got my wish. As some of you may know both my brothers live in Provo...away from the nest (which is currently in West Jordan)which is about 45 minutes away, my younger and prettier sister flew across the pond to visit the ever-famous, ever-attractive country/continent we know as Europe. Which leaves me in a too-big-for-three-people house with my parents. As I reflected on my term as an only child I realized..."it is NOT all it's cracked up to be." Think about it. Question: When your parents need something done...who do they ask? Answer: the only child. Jenilyn please do the dishes, Jenilyn please fold the clothes, Jenilyn please cook dinner, Jenilyn please vaccum the house, Jenilyn please get me some water, Jenilyn please weed the ENTIRE back yard before the sun comes out, Jenilyn please do the grocery shopping (a task that I actually enjoy...but don't will ruin the effect)...I am so sick of the name "Jenilyn" I'm thinking of changing it! Well...not really but it adds drama to the story so I'll keep it. When I was in 4th grade (I still remember this vividly) we read a book called "The Wishgiver" the moral of the story (I won't bore you with the particulars) was to be careful what you wish for, and that ladies and gentlemen, that in a nutshell is the moral of this careful what you wish for....for you may in fact get it. Jamie, please come home!