Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Put another shrimp on the barbie! G'day mate....Aussie welcomes you! Upon my travels to the South Pacific I spent a couple days in Austrlia...the "Outback" (not the restaraunt)...I think that when you travel to countries such as these it is only appropriate to allow yourself MONTHS to see the sights and enjoy yourself. However, I was only "allowed" a few days...just enough time for me to get attached and torn away from the wonderful Land down under!

This is my effervescent cousin Jules...we're at Harbor Bay in Sydney...we took a ferry around the bay to get to all the "crackin" places...Sydney is gi-normous, taking the ferry cut our travel time in half...I gotta give props to Jules, she knew her way around the city like the back of her hand...times...places...schedules she was so on top of everything! It made my life a lot more enjoyable...especially with the heat and humidity as it was summertime while I was there.

Walking around downtown in Sydney there are so many amazing statues,buildings, sights, and this was right outside a cafe where we imposed for some breakfast.

How could I visit Australia and not take a picture with my very own Joey? I mean...Aussie or Oz (which is what the Australians literally refer to Australia as)is famous for their Joeys right?

I LOVE this photo b/c it makes me feel like a native...me with a dig-er-y-do. Love it.

The Sydney Opera House....Been there done that....loved it!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Whistle While You Work

Who lied to me & told me I could/would be a good nurse? My dad recently had surgery on his knee...since I don't have a life (right now at least) I was nominated, and when I say nominated I mean I didn't have a choice, to be his "nurse." I don't mind this whatsoever, I love my dad so much I would go to the moon and back for him, b/c I know he would do the exact same thing for me. However, I DO mind the fact that someone gave him a whistle. Ahem....who did it!? I will find you...I will hunt you down and you will receive the beat down of your life, well...at least verbally. Somebody take it away! I can't b/c I'm too nice...obviously...I don't know who invented the whistle but I honestly have never been a fan....they're annoying.

Monday, May 4, 2009

BYU Rugby dethrones, stuns & claims victory from Cal!

Is this the face of a champ or what? Poor Manti...broke his nose, got kicked in the face whilst making a tri-saving tackle! You guys! I can't even tell you how extremely extatic & overwhelmed with joy I am! THEY DID IT! BYU RUGBY 2009 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! Translation: Absolutely NUMBER 1 in the NATION! They had a PERFECT SEASON 18-0...UNDEFEATED! I'm so sorry if this post is killing some of you guys...but do you even know how hard they worked? Ok so let's get down to brass tax....one of my favorite girls in the world (Jennifer Newman) was our correspondent since the games were held in California...she kept my whole family updated through text messages (thank heaven for technology) her texts went a little something like this...."down at the half 22-10 them Mikey has had some really great plays......two of our men are out due to yellow cards....22-19 them....22-21 them one minute left.....WE WIN!!! 25-22!" Our family was overjoyed!!! They gave Mikey the game ball (what an honor). I'm just so happy for the team...I feel like they are all my brothers. I'm so glad Manti was able to experience this in his Rugby career, he graduates this year. Way to go BYU....and you ask why I'm a fan...c'mon! Ha ha ha! I love it!

Check out their highlight trailer on Youtube!