Monday, May 4, 2009

BYU Rugby dethrones, stuns & claims victory from Cal!

Is this the face of a champ or what? Poor Manti...broke his nose, got kicked in the face whilst making a tri-saving tackle! You guys! I can't even tell you how extremely extatic & overwhelmed with joy I am! THEY DID IT! BYU RUGBY 2009 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! Translation: Absolutely NUMBER 1 in the NATION! They had a PERFECT SEASON 18-0...UNDEFEATED! I'm so sorry if this post is killing some of you guys...but do you even know how hard they worked? Ok so let's get down to brass of my favorite girls in the world (Jennifer Newman) was our correspondent since the games were held in California...she kept my whole family updated through text messages (thank heaven for technology) her texts went a little something like this...."down at the half 22-10 them Mikey has had some really great plays......two of our men are out due to yellow cards....22-19 them....22-21 them one minute left.....WE WIN!!! 25-22!" Our family was overjoyed!!! They gave Mikey the game ball (what an honor). I'm just so happy for the team...I feel like they are all my brothers. I'm so glad Manti was able to experience this in his Rugby career, he graduates this year. Way to go BYU....and you ask why I'm a fan...c'mon! Ha ha ha! I love it!

Check out their highlight trailer on Youtube!


Meg said...

That is SO awesome!!!!! Manti looks good with a black eye!! Way to go Boys!

LiafromLaie said...

WHOOOP! Rugby is awesome and it's great that BYU and your brothers did so well.

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Very cool! VERY COOL!!! Congrat's to them!!

PS- what is that tattoo on Mikey's arm?? It's HUGE! ;)


Amera said...

HOLY SMOKES!!! Sua!! those are some way tight awesome picts! For sure! I used to have a crush on Manti, but shhhhh he doesnt know that and neither did you :) hahahha!!! Anyway, he's still a handsome kid! I miss that sua family, they were always so awesome to be around! I cant beleive how Mikey is all grown up! I remmeber him being so little and shy! Now he's a MAN WITH HUGE ARMS AND KILLER TATS!!! What studs you have for brothers! sua! lets hang out again and do lunch! I loved seeing you! I'll be sure to dress Lavi up in one of the dresses you gave her!!