Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Put another shrimp on the barbie! G'day mate....Aussie welcomes you! Upon my travels to the South Pacific I spent a couple days in Austrlia...the "Outback" (not the restaraunt)...I think that when you travel to countries such as these it is only appropriate to allow yourself MONTHS to see the sights and enjoy yourself. However, I was only "allowed" a few days...just enough time for me to get attached and torn away from the wonderful Land down under!

This is my effervescent cousin Jules...we're at Harbor Bay in Sydney...we took a ferry around the bay to get to all the "crackin" places...Sydney is gi-normous, taking the ferry cut our travel time in half...I gotta give props to Jules, she knew her way around the city like the back of her hand...times...places...schedules she was so on top of everything! It made my life a lot more enjoyable...especially with the heat and humidity as it was summertime while I was there.

Walking around downtown in Sydney there are so many amazing statues,buildings, sights, and this was right outside a cafe where we imposed for some breakfast.

How could I visit Australia and not take a picture with my very own Joey? I mean...Aussie or Oz (which is what the Australians literally refer to Australia as)is famous for their Joeys right?

I LOVE this photo b/c it makes me feel like a native...me with a dig-er-y-do. Love it.

The Sydney Opera House....Been there done that....loved it!


AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Dude, I didn't know you spent time in Aussie!?! So fun!
Love the pic of you and the gi-normous Joey!
Fun times! How you doing these days??
Fancy a trip to Detroit!?!?! ;)


McKenna, Daniel and Elise said...

I love your blog background, so hip! No really it's so you!
Love ya, Mo