Monday, April 25, 2011

*Sigh* I wish....

Every now and again I get so busy that I actually WISH to be sick.  The thought of a laying in warm, comfy bed all day, watching television, and taking long,warm showers just appeals to me.  FALSE!  While all those things are nice to think's not as nice as I thought it would be.
I caught a case of the black lung...or...the flu.  I haven't had the flu since I was a bratty 4th, in my "early" twenties I've come down with this sickness that has drained me of every ounce of energy, but left me with nausea, aches, and pains, the chills, hot sweats, cold sweats, & fingernail sensitivity.
Whenever I'm NOT under the weather being sick seems so glamorous.  You get to stay in bed all as many movies (or reality tv in my case) that you want, you can sleep or not sleep, you get to feast on yummy soups and crackers, drink lots of liquids, and people feel sorry for you and give you all their attention just to make you more comfortable.  Who could ask for anything more?  Not so.  None of those things were as great as they sounded.  I missed my future-sister-in-law's bridal shower, family Easter gathering (both of which I was more than excited to attend), yummy Campbell food (that only the Campbell's can whip up), being with my family, going out with friends.....what did I get instead?  A long lonely weekend with the Kardashians, and yes, while the Kardash's are my 2nd family they didn't quite measure up to my REAL family.  To break it down the next time I get sick I think I'll plan it differently. It will probably be on a weekend when everyone is in town, and there are no fun activities planned, and I'll most likely send out a mass text to inform everyone of my condition to receive maximum levels of sympathy and comfort.    As it is, I think I'll be a little more careful what I wish for.