Thursday, November 15, 2012

Perfect Timing

Frequently, when I come home at night I see several deer in the field behind my apt scaveging for food.  The mountains are no less than 30 miles from my back door so I know they've made a long cold trip.  The novelty of deer in my back yard excites me, I love it.  It never gets old....."LOOK AT THE DEER!" I hear this on the regular, like almost everyday. Jack mentioned "I wonder why they're always down here?"  And, of course since I'm an overthinker I thought and thought and thought about it with no real intent for a solution...just thought about it because.  You know what my conclusion was?  I'm glad I'm not a deer.  I'm glad that I have a warm, inviting, cozy apartment to come home to.  I'm glad it's fully stocked with delicious food and a big bathtub for taking long, hot baths.  I'm glad that my parents live right down the road and have a substantial food storage (for emergencies....obvi).  I'm glad that I get to see the people that I love daily. 

This month has been interesting, I've had a couple curve balls thrown at sweat of my back.  It's interesting to see that in the lowest times of my life I am the closest to my Heavenly Father.  I know, I know the talk of religious stuff might off-set some of you, well too bad so sad.  I have had a hard reality check and all I can say is, I am blessed....super blessed.  So.....thanks.  Perfect timing.....thanksgiving.....perfect timing.