Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Kindness

We always hear Christmas stories where small acts of kindness change people's lives...I always wonder if they are real and true...tonight I was convinced.....they exist.  Today I had Laki....all day, I love him.  We ran errands, and danced all day.  As a result there was no showering involved for me and, make up wasn't even an option....but I didn't mind...I had pork chop (the name *I* made up for Laki....I have to let the world know I made it up b/c my mom and Jamie might try to take credit for it...and we all know they MIGHT not be as creative as I am when it comes to clever nicknames). The ONLY thing that sounded good to me was a panini and a bowl of soup.....zupas.  As I was standing in line the lady if front of me was starring (hard) at me I was almost uncomfortable (but I really don't care if people can't stop looking at me, that's usually a good thing).
Lady: You look so familiar.
Me: Really?
Lady: Yes, you are so beautiful
Me: *bashful yet surprised* oh.....thank you
Lady: Are you someone famous?
**I almost said yes.....just for kicks**
Me: *laughing.....loudly* ummmm *deciding whether or not to "improve" the truth*  No I'm not.
Lady: Are you sure?
Me: Uh.....yes I'm sure.
This may not mean a thing to anyone else....but to made my day, it was the small act that made my Christmas merry.  So...Merry Christmas lady in the zupas line....Merry Christmas.

**disclaimer**  I realize this was not "Mr. Kruger's Christmas" worthy or even compares to "Secret Santa" however, it is def Jenilyn Su'a merry making worthy.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I can't thank the Asians enough for Wasabi, or the Mexicans for cilantro.....2 things I can't/won't live without....and don't even get me started on the India-ans and their buttered chicken curry.  I recently diagnosed myself with a severe addiction to nail polish.  Is it something in the air? Rehab is out of the question. Is it just a phase?  Who knows.  I feel like we need more snow.  There's just not enough snow.  How can I listen to Christmas music without a blustery blizzard blowing through?  I completely underestimated the power of rice crispy treats.  I don't think I have ever actually MADE them until this was totally necessary.  I have been to Bath & Body Works at least 6 times since Thanksgiving, you can bet your bottom dollar that if you were down and out and didn't have soap or lotion....I could and would donate to your cause....I'd have you smelling like the holidays in no time.  I have a mouse problem.  I thought I killed it by putting some decon out for it to eat....not so....he's a live and well.....I cannot bring myself to set out a trap....that seems very inhumane.  Maybe it'll just be my "pet" in a weird.....rodent...way.  I need a name for's gotta be a "him" b/c he's really shy and never comes up to me to ask me for my number....I'm convinced it's a male mouse.  Suggestions?