Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gone Green....(as in the month of March has)

Well, if you can believe it March has come and gone leaving us with a stormy April that is not going unappreciated.  What was my March like you ask?  Birthdays.  Birthdays, and more birthdays.  Siaki/Jack's birthday was on the 2nd.  Can I just express how much I love to be spoiled, but even more so.....I love TO DO the spoiling.  He kinda deserves it, so, any judgments that you pass will probably not be given two shakes.  Sorry about it.  This month literally flew by.  I can't even tell you what happened this month because my life is so uneventful that even if I dared write it you'd most likely fall asleep (face first on the keyboard).   With that being said: here are some photos (which is basically what we all look for....photos.....does anyone even actually READ the blogs besides me?)

Laki & Leila love playing in the water whether it's inside or outside

Laki's goal at this moment in time is to be the Red Power Ranger, he's just about there

It's only March and we've already been on 3 hikes. So, so ready to be outdoors

 St. Patrick's Day pedi....can't pinch me

My "little" brother became one year older this month

Siaki & I took a day off and drove up  Big Cottonwood canyon and had ourselves a little adventure. We found several good views and took a lot of pictures that I know would bore the heck outta ya, so this is it.

One of my new fave places to eat.  Texas de Brazil.  Oh....my....goodness.  My taste buds are still reeling. 

Auntie Jen, I need you to hold me and watch me play this game.  Auntie Jen, are you watching me play this game?  How I love this little boy. 

EXPERT kite flyer

Professional bubble blower

Laki picked out the cheapest kite b/c it had "Cars" on it....that thing took a beating

Cute?  I love this face.  I love this man.

While Jack was getting ready for one of our hikes (by making his own bandana) I decided to cause a little mischief.....if laughing is not a daily part of your relationship I feel a little bad for you....this guy makes me laugh on my WORST day, I just feel so lucky to have him....literally, like I hit the "Jack-pot."