Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy life.

If we are friends on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you probably know my whole life right now.  For those of who don't know what's going on let me fill you in. 

In less than 30 days I will be on the North Shore of Oahu.  I grew up in Laie, then turned right back around and went to BYUH.  While I was a student I worked at the Polynesian Cultural Center.  Best.  I wish I could sit here all day and tell you all about the adventures I had there and all the trouble I got into.  Those stories are best left for "catch-up lunches" face-to-face sort of thing.  I suggested to the Chief that we should go to the PCC reunion this year, and a week later he made it happen.  So, as it is, me, my dad, my mom, and Laki are going to their 50th reunion.  Ecstatic is a good word to use as a description of my emotions at this very given moment.  We're staying at Turtle Bay (best hotel on the island).  We will visit all our fave places to eat, we will go swimming everyday, and we will see so so so many loved ones.  Just a tad out of my mind with enthusiasm right now. 

Siaki and I took a little road trip down to St. George.  What a fun summer vaycay.  I love road trips with him b/c it's really a time for us to relax, spend a lot of money (my favorite thing) and laugh and laugh.  We have made some incredible memories on the road (wherever it is we happen to be heading).  We went swimming all day, and enjoyed a lot of food.  I wish I would've taken more pictures but I literally occupied the entire time.  Here's a few things that I LOVE about St. George: the air is crisp and clear, no inversion for them...not at all.  Red rock everywhere.....everywhere.  Every place you look is like a picture on a post card.  Loved ones.   It was a really fun, eventful trip.  I would do it over in a heartbeat. 

Slim the Pitbull is getting so big.  She is so good around the kids, and LOVES meeting new people.  She loves sleeping on the bed which I continue to cave into....I just can't help myself...I love the cuddles.  She is so obedient, and such a loving loving dog.  We are smitten with her.  We take her for walks in the coolness of the evening and she is just so curious and loves to run around. 

I just found out that the Sara Bareilles concert at Deer Valley in Park city is sold out.  My heart is literally broken.  I mean, I know I'll survive, but, bible you guys, I would do anything to go to her concert.  She is my fave singer in this world.  She beat out Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston about 6 years ago.  Oh my life.  Wishing....wishing.....wishing. 

Life is good.  It's really good.