Tuesday, July 23, 2013


We got a dog.  Not just any dog, a pitbull.  I know a pitbull sounds dangerous and scary...at least, those were my first impressions, but I was wrong as wrong can be. Let me explain.  When I very first started dating Siaki he always talked about how he wanted a pitbull.  "Ugh!" was always my mind's first thought.  He would tell me all the time that they weren't dangerous, and they wouldn't eat our kids alive, but in fact, that they were originally bred to be around children.  Fun Fact:  Helen Keller's companion dog was a pitbull, how many of you actually knew that?  Pitbulls are notorious for being fighting dogs, Michale Vick knows exactly what I'm talking about, am I right Michael Vick?  The fact is, it's how you raise you pit.  With all the love and attention we give Slim she'll be a very loving dog. 
Slim is so curious and busy.  She has to check every smell, sound, and moving thing out.  She has so much energy and is so fun to take on walks.  We potty trained her the first day we had her.  She's so intelligent and loving.  She loves to cuddle and give kisses.  She can be stubborn and a little bit of a diva when it comes to sleeping arrangements.  She loves to explore and she loves kids....she's so gentle with them I love watching her with my niece and nephew.  She loves to meet new people and gets really excited when we get visitors!
In the past I've been a cat person...go fig, but after Slim I can't imagine ever going back to cats....sorry fellow cat ladies.