Tuesday, September 22, 2009


YOU GUYS!  Guess what TOTALLY AWESOME sister of mine is turning 21 today?!!!!!  Ok ok ok...I only have one sister but still....she is the most "STELLAR" chick in the world....I may be a little biased but I seriously love her TO DEATH & think she's the funniest person alive!  I decided to dedicated an entire post to Jamie Su'a!!!  Since she's turning 21 I'm gonna name 21 things that I love about her!  For some of you who don't know Jamie you are seriously missing out!  If you ever get a chance to get to know her...DO NOT HESITATE!  Let the countdown begin.....
21. Gees, where do I begin?  I'll start at the beginning...literally...she's my YOUNGER sister and only a personality like Jamie could follow my tough act! 
20.  She's the smartest person I know...in all aspects.  She's brain smart, if she was on Jeopardy she would win.  I hate/love watching Jeopardy with her b/c she gets all the answers (even the ones my Mom & Auntie Shanna can't get) before I even have time to mull it over in my mind.  She is media smart....she knows what is going on in Hollywood as well as....uh.....not Hollywood....I seriously don't know how she has so much brain space.
19.  She will do ANYTHING for anyone to help them.  Seriously you guys...when I look for excuses she's right there helping and doing whatever she needs to do to help people...even if she's tired....or annoyed.
18.  She's the sweetest girl!  I could never ask for a sweeter, kind-er sister.  She's so tender-hearted.  Ugh...I don't know if I can get through this post w/o crying.....10 min break
17.  Ok...back in action....we are DIE-HARD *Nsync fans....for those of you who are hating on us right now...back it up....slow your roll...you don't wanna mess with this!  James and I have gotten into several concerts of theirs for FREE99....well...one of them was a Backstreet Boys Concert, whom I consider a poor man's *Nsync...but the nevertheless...*Nsync brought us closer together, and when everyone was hatin' on me she stood by me and was right there to show all the "haters" up by singing and dancing every word to "bye bye bye, it's tearing up my heart, giddy up, i want you back"...etc, etc.   We would stay up til ALL hours of the night and wait for their Disney Concert to come on tv just so we could watch them....we would have to argue with our mom to stay up later so we could watch it....2 against 1 always has the advantage...right on Jame!  Stick together!
16.  We are the freakin BEST tag team ever!!!  We work it and twerk it (& I don't mean that in a clubbin' dance move way..I mean we can turn it on and turn it off  from Oakland to Sactown...the Bay Area and back down!) When we join forces.....our power is limitless!  Side Note: Don't ever let us play on the same team in a game....you will have NO CHANCE of winning....I'm serious...none.
15.  Domestically we are a good team....I can make our house shine like the top of the Chrysler building....and she can mow the lawn like she owns her own Landscaping business....the girl's got talent folks...do NOT underestimate her mowing abilities!
14.  When nobody would listen to me about how great the soap opera "Passions" was...SHE stuck with me and got hooked on it too.  We would leave school (Copper Hills High....go grizz) to come home and watch it....we converted a few....not many...but a few.
13.  She LOVES her family.  This girl goes completely out of her way for her fam bam....immediate AND extended!
12.  Girl can COOK!  Who needs a personal chef if Jamie is around?  Seriously you guys....I don't know how she does it but she's by far one of the best cooks I know...besides you mom and dad (you're a cook mom...so are you dad!)
11. She has a certain pizazz on the piano that nobody else can duplicate.  She's one of a kind.
10. It's like she can almost read my mind.....so crazy!
9.  She can quote movie lines in her everday conversation....and make it sound good.  This is not a talent to be taken lightly folks.....
8.  She has pretty much the cutest hand writing I've ever seen.....along with a variety of different fonts and sizes.
7.  She is a hard worker. 
6.  Only Jamie can invent "contradictory dancing" excute it to a "T" and make my sides hurt from watching it!
5.  Jamie is the ONLY person I know whose car has a "FUNK" system....one of a kind people....one of a kind!
4.  Her facebook status updates are the most clever updates in the world....sorry guys....she wins hands down.
3.  She has an amazing eye for classic-trashy-can't-pull-yourself-away television.
2. She can invent/create/put together...crafts/martha stewart-ish meets rachel ray-ish/home economic-ness things...for instance...quilts, purses, necklaces, clothes, accessories,scrapbooks,baby books, and everything else "do-it-yourself" under the sun...(she would be the one to do it) is not only incredible to watch, but fantatic to reap the fruits of her labor...we totally get hooked up!
1. Drum-roll please.......if there were a contest for the wittiest, most cleverest (grammatical error intended), most ingenious girl, she would win.  It's as plain and simple as that.  I know a lot of you might be in the running for that...but when it comes right down to it (& it's not just cause she's my sister) Jamesie would command & conquer all.  Jamie's humor is not only intelligently skillful, but it's quick, hilarious, and enjoyable. 
Getting down to brass tax....she's an absolute necessity to our family & I would NEVER want to live without her.  Happy Birthdizzle Jamie....we all love you so so much!  In the words of  Cookie Googleman...."You don't forget the best!" - Best in Show


stef j. said...

i seriously LOVE jamie too!! well, not as much as you love her, of course.

grays and khakis. ask her about grays and khakis...

HAPPY 21st JAMIE afuafuoletauosamoa SUA!!

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Oh what a great age to be turning!!
Send her my birthday wishes!


gabegen said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!

this is a darling post for your sister :) i met Jamie a year ago and she reminded me SO much of my own sister Rachel, which is a very good thing because my sister is incredible. sisters are so great. and... passions was a good soap opera, i watched it too :D

Paige M. said...

oh jamie. i love her! she is so sweet, and i hope she has a great birtday!

jenilyn, i love you, too! that was the sweetest post ever!