Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Autumn Adventures

Autumn is beautiful.  I love it.  There have been some recent changes in my life, I moved.  No more West Ridge Academy.  It was time.  The move was right. I moved to Farmington. It's a little further than I expected.  In fact, I didn't expect to be further north than Salt Lake City, but I like it.  I am in a little apartment that definitely needs a little love and attention, but I can appreciate that.  Slim and I love it.  Jack makes frequent visits because the food is unmatched, and so is the company.

Jack and I are able to schedule are days off together (which is the best part of our jobs) which means that adventure is frequently on the agenda.  I live right up against Farmington canyon, and right down the road from Farmington pond, both of which are hidden gems in this neck of the woods.  We took Slim and her bestie Kimber....I know you guys prob think that it's weird for Slim to have a bestie, but it's seriously so cute....on a hike and it was so fun, it was a gorgeous hike with gorgeous views we had such a great time, couldn't have ordered up a nicer day.  Here are some pictures from our adventure:

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Olivia said...

such a cozy post. im glad you're finding all the beauty in your new enviroment.