Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No pix, just some feelings

It's super easy to get down and out thinking of things I want, but don't have.  Actually, it's really easy.  I guess I'm human, which is weird bc I swear I'm given super human trials, but I guess it's just Heavenly Father's way of showing me I'm strong, or, in all honesty I think it's his way of showing me how blessed I really am.  Of course now that I'm venting on a public forum I feel really guilty....that's the natural order of things, or at least it's the natural order of my life.  I, for reals, feel really lucky that HF watches out for me.  Instead of a wish list I should be making a list of all my blessings *self-discipline is my strong suit.....false, it is not*
I have such a loving family, such amazing friends, a loving and funny boyfriend, and an adorable pitbull.  Don't ask me how I get down and out.  I blame China.  I guess I can't be upset that I don't have blackout curtains or an aztec rug (aztec is really hot right now, it's the new chevron), or a restoration hardware tufted leather couch (vintage classic) instead I am glad that my life is not a reality tv show (yet) and that I don't have to go through trials in the public eye, poor Kimye, I feel so bad for you guys (no, I do not).  I am glad that my puppy barks at the slightest noise outside my apt, especially at 2am in the morning when I am in the middle of a REM cycle, bc that extra added anxiety lets me know that, if someone actually did try to break in Slim would bark them to death.  That's the great thing about having a pittie.  They are loud, and intimidating, but when it comes right down to it she's worthless as a guard dog.  I am glad that when I ask Siaki to get jumbo sunflower seeds, that he gets three bags of regular seeds and thinks you can add them together to get jumbo seeds, it lets me know he is a free thinker, and really thinks outside the box, super blessed, right?  I'm glad, I'm glad that I'm glad.  Did that make sense?

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