Monday, December 16, 2013

Thanksgiving was gooooood

So even on my worst days I feel really fortunate, it's probably bc I am (not bragging).  I know and feel the simplicity of my life, and at the same time I feel the pressures of being an adult.  I love both sides of the spectrum.  I love that I have a companion to share that with.  I love that he evens me out, and I even him out.  I love that his weaknesses are my strengths and my weaknesses are most definitely his strengths.  Without a doubt we are 1000 percent opposites, but that is exactly what I love about "us."

This year for Thanksgiving we decided to concentrate on one family and then switch next year.  This year we did my "in-laws."  I love his family.  They are super fun loving and love to play games and have get-togethers that are the exact right amount of good food, relaxation and competition. We started out with his entire extended family eating a ginormous three overflowing tables of food. THAT was round one.  It was chuck full of first helpings, second helpings, third helpings, and maybe even "grazing" after that.  Good company, so much much laughter. Heart-to-hearts with relatives (of his) that I never get to see, and then on to round two.  We went over to Siaki's sister's house for another Thanksgiving dinner.  Side note **I didn't know we were going to have another feast, I did not prepare myself for that, oh well** While we waited for another turkey to cook the boys played basketball outside while the girls had a gossip sesh, and played cards.  So fun.  We took a little break and drove down the street to my parents house and had a few snacks, played a couple games of Candy Land then went back to Nita & Paul's house.  Once we were done there we made our way to some shops for a little black friday shopping....again, I had no idea that's what we were going to do, but it was fun.  Once the day was over I was literally exhausted, but it was the best kind of exhausted....the kind where you've filled your day with loved ones, good food, good conversation, good competition, and lots of shopping!

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