Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pretty Pretty Princess?

Pretty pretty Princess right? That's what you all think when you see or think of me right? NO MORE! I have traded in my tiara and pink-ness for a more rough and tough lifestyle. That's right Bear Grylls (of Man vs Wild) you have some competition...and her name is Jenilyn Su'a. As the summer started off I didn't have a job and I wasn't a student. Some of you may look at my situation and think "Wow, what a loser." HOWEVER! I have had the BEST summer of my life...well..almost the best summer of my HAS been the BEST summer. One Day I was ansy...I needed to get out. I planned a hike:Stewart Falls.
Hiking Checklist:
*good shoes-check
*water-check (but i didn't bring enough...I was SOOOO thirsty..definite dehydration)
*granola bars-check(you never know when you're gonna need a mid-path snack)
*people who are in the same shape as you so if you need to stop and take a rest you're not the only one (smart right? bet you didn't think of it)-check
*IPOD (an absolute necessity)-check
*the football players/volleyball players/soccer players/rugby players/track guys/baseball players/ANY freaking sport in the world-check (remind me to leave them home next time)
For those of you who have NEVER hiked the Stewart Falls Hike let me break it down for starts off uphill for the first million years of your life....once you get past the first's pretty much smooth sailing (pretty much)...however, the views are breath-taking, the air is clean and the exercise is exhillarating. Once we got up to the falls one of the boys made the comment (brace yourselves girls) "Next time we're running the whole way" *weirdest look on my face i'm sure* Uh...yeah what a great idea (those were the words coming out of my mouth but not the words in my mind). Overall, the hike was great and I would def do it again....Adventure 1=Success!

If you look really close you can see us (me & Pauli) sitting on the mtn. having a conversation. This gives you an idea of how awesome the falls really are!


ginalex said...

where is this @? I want to plan to go one day. lol

Kayleen T. Photography said...

hey jenilyn thanks for stopping by my blog! This looked like so much fun!

a_filimoeatu said...

hahahaha.. you crack me up princess!!!...when can we go rock sliding again!?!


ok so I really wondered what was up with your URL. Thanks for filling me in! U have had a fun summer I'm jealous!