Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Common...or Competition?

It's hard enough to go through life TRYING to figure out exactly what you're good at....what your talents are and WHY you're here.  This makes it even more annoying when you glance at someone and KNOW immediately what they're good at and why they are alive.  For example:  Lisa Leslie.  One look at the girl and it is as obvious as the day is light that she is supposed to be the Queen of the WNBA.  No doubt about it.  She was built to play basketball...not only play basketball but dominate the court as soon as she sets foot on the hardwood, pavement what have you.  She exudes basketball player.  Megan Fox.  She could be nothing less than a movie star. offense but if she was taking my order at Burger King....or ringing me up at the grocery store, or even answering my call as a TMobile Rep....I could not/would not take her seriously.  She was born to light up the Technicolor dream screen.  I'm not saying I'm a fan but I'm not going to question the obvious.  Lady Gaga.  I have not one ounce of hesitation in my body when I say that she was born to be a big weirdo creep.  She's a creeper.  She oozes psycho grody-ness.  Some people say that she her weirdness is "originality" and that it's "impressive."  To them I make this point: you can also be impressed by a 3-legged dog, but that doesn't mean you're gonna go looking for one to call your own. My point look at ANY of these people and immediately you know their calling in life. You know just by the looks of things that, THAT is what they are supposed to be.  But.......what about me?  What about us normal folk....the conventional hob-nobbers who live the everyday rustics of mediocrity? How do we find our calling in life?  *sigh*  Maybe it's just that I'm good at everything?  No....that can't be it.  Or can it?  Maybe, it's that we need a million of us average joes around so that when the ab-normal (I know this is one word but I separated it for effect) people arrive....we look bad....or do we look better?  Am I a deep thinker or what?  Maybe THAT'S what I'm meant to be (a deep thinker)?!  Oh no.  Do I look the part? 


I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

Jenilyn, for you information, I was with my husband (Brandon Craig) and with my mother in law at dinner tonight, and you came up in the conversation as having belted out the absolute BEST version of your big song in "South Pacific" - for what it's worth, you were amazing, and that's only ONE thing you're good at. LOL.

Kelli said...

Lady gaga is SUPER creepy. I agree. I even like some of her songs ok but as far as being a person goes she is CREEP-TACULAR.

gabegen said...

i think about this topic often... especially as a stay a home mommy... whatever your talents maybe, (i think you're a great writer and you're rather hilarious) share it with others :) so... keep blogging!

LiafromLaie said...

Girl... you're not the only one trying to figure out what they're best at. Hell I'm good at sleeping... if only I could get paid to do that.

And what the heck is "normal"? I mean for some people Lady Gaga could be considered "normal"... who those people are? I have no clue but know they exist!

The idea of normality is subjective to the individual and your interpretation of normal... right? I like to think so.

Anyway... consider yourself a part of the ab-normal group because you are one of the "peculiar" individuals that believe in something that "normal" people of the world can't seem to understand or comprehend.

Oh, and Hi! LOL!

Canadian Ainu'u's said...

I'm not going to lie. I check in on your facebook all the time but I'd rather read full sentences of your life through the blog.
"Where are your papers?"
"Where are the candlesticks and the tapestries? Perhaps the dress is with them!"