Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Knock your socks off

Every once in a while you find something that is so brilliant, so hilarious, so creative that you can't help but spread the good word.  I am def not a "shouter-outer" by any means, but I simply cannot contain myself.  Here are 2 blogs that will not disappoint.
Correnspondence from J is my sister...and I seriously do NOT mean to brag about her but she is nothing less than the bees knees!  She cracks me up to the high heavens.
My other blog is your mom is a blog that I heard about from my broseph Manti...he kept telling me about it but I never listened...boy was I missing out....this blog is the cats pajamas (somewhat similar to the bees knees but not quite as sarcastic).  Everyone needs a little break in the day to giggle, laugh, or just crack up....try one of these babies on for size....let me know if you agree or if I'm up in the night. 


I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

Jenilyn, you and your whole family crack me up. Y'all rock, and I'm going to follow them too! LOL! Love you guys!!!

LiafromLaie said...

Jenilyn, can I just say that your sister's blog is cracking me up a lot! Thanks for sharing! I think I'm going to add it to my list so I can always drop in for a laugh.