Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sara Bareilles Concert

Do you ever have "one of those nights" that you just don't ever want to end?  Last night was THAT night for me.  Sara Bareilles is nothing less than amazing.  I had been looking forward to her concert since August.  I'm a new convert Bareillesism but it didn't take much convincing.  Her music spoke to me.  Not only do I think she is one of the most poetic songwriters of her time but her melodies are so enjoyable.  *whispering* don't tell anyone but she replaced Mariah Carey on my list of fav singers...Mariah is comfortably seated in the #2 spot.  Sara was on point last night, not ONE bad note.  She hit notes I didn't even know existed.  Not only is she a talented singer/songwriter but she is FUH-KNEE!  Lucky lucky me. Thanks Sara for being alive...and for writing songs and then singing them in front of a lot of're the bestest.


MAUGA FAM said...

I feel the same way about Sara, LOVE her! Glad you had such an amazing night! Luv u Jen:)

Jenilyn said...

Ps.....that IS an Ukulele you see her about a winner LOL!

letafauolo said...

You know what, it wasn't until I started playing the guitar that I just appreciated and admired those that can sing and play at the same time. That is some true talent, especially when they're good at it!! =) Did she sing single ladies?? I loved her version. I wish I would've known about this one. =/ Anyway, glad you had fun cuzzy!! ;)