Monday, November 15, 2010

Peace Out Girl Scout!

While I am grateful to have had 2 jobs (for a limited time only) there are a few things I will not miss.

 Morning traffic.  Although I thoroughly enjoy Frankie, DB, and Jessica in the morning, I just don't feel it necessary to fight the morning commute just to indulge myself with the Morning Zoo.

Lack of sleep.  For some reason when I have 2 jobs my social life will BOOM....."activities" will come up that will make is absolutely necessary for me to stay up til 3 in the am all the while KNOWING I have a 6am alarm to look forward to....just watch...come Monday my social life will be non-existent (along w/my 2nd job).  Alanis Morissette was not lying when she said "isn't it Ironic."

Stress.  Love the money...hate the stress.  I mean, I have a life.....I have errands to run....I have people to see....but everything and (almost) everyone closes at 5pm which leaves my window of opportunity shut tight....thanks America for making everyone think this is an appropriate time to go home and spend time with their families.......what about ME where do *I* fit in?  I'm joking.  If I was serious that would be way selfish and November is the month of giving.....or is it the month of get confused.....oh well.

Well's been a fun couple months....and when I say fun I mean I never wanna do it again.  You know what I'm really looking forward to?  The Sara Bareilles concert this Wednesday.....oh yeah....a mid-week concert?  It's the exact right timing for a concert...not!  But, it's Sara Bareilles.....sacrifice brings forth blessings and I cannot wait to be blessed!

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gabegen said...

oh my goodness... I get more sleep than you, hahaha, whoa, I need to stop feeling sorry for myself :)