Friday, January 23, 2009

Put a ring on it!

*starts singing* all the single ladies...all the single ladies...all the single ladies...all the single put yo' hands up! Sorry girls I just can't get that (Beyonce) song outta my head! And the video....UGH! I wanna be Beyonce Knowles! Not really but it sounds cool. Ok *deep breath* well....we can all rest assure...LOST has started. I have no problem admitting I am a LOST junkie, however this is NOT what my post is about...I just wanted to throw that out there for all the LOST fans...and any potential LOST buddies.
So.....I have been debating on whether or not to write about what is up with life or if I should just write random posts...I've been on the fence about it but today I received a wonderful little "reminder" that I needed to post about what is going on in my life (not that's it is exciting or even fun)...and I have Jen Newman to thank for that...who by the way is probably the most amazing and crafty girl I know. With that said let's begin. Yesterday was rather a sullen day...more depressing than anything *eyes rolling* I have been studying very very very....very hard for a test that I did not I'm not writing this so that you can feel bad for me...wait for the rest of the story. I worked really hard ( I probably could've worked harder) but I am NOT a good test taker...never have been...well it didn't work out. I thought that if I didn't pass this test that my world would crumble and I would be considered a pathetic loser....after my test I made my way over to my fiance's house....I NEVER knew what a great "comforter" he was. That is when I took a step back and re-evaluated the situation...instead of focusing on how pitiful I was I took a look around and realized I was so so so blessed (an outlook I've always wanted to have but just never did). I have a wonderful WONDERFUL family....FABULOUS friends...a home (not just a house)....a car that runs great...and an INCREDIBLE fiance (c'mon guys just allow me a little gushy-ness). I got home from a somewhat terrible day yesterday & walked in to a warm home and my sister waiting to greet me...she introduced me to the new "cure-all"....drum roll please...."Nothing bundt cakes" omg you guys....fantastic! As we sat and ate our little cakes (or as we like to call our feelings) I couldn't help but be happy and cheerful inside........until...............THIS MORNING....bright and early my sister woke me up with a telephone call (she was upstairs I was downstairs)..."wanna go to the gym" she says..."uh...i don't feel good" I replied...but she talked me into it wedding is April 11th...and I have a wedding dress to fit into...I'm not gonna lie...I've gained weight..I'm human who cares? Sini and I usually go to the gym together at night but I decided to go with my sister instead. Well. Got some good cardio in, then JAMIE decides she wants to go to problem for me..I've been wanting to try it forever! So we're sitting there with the soothing music and dimmed lights...we begin....breathe in breathe out you know the usual....very relaxing...then we got into the hard stuff...twist here bend here balance on one foot....i got into positions I didn't know existed.....I'm not a skinny girl might not be the best thing for chubby girls. Everyone had on their cute little yoga outfits and I'm in my BYU sweats.....sweatin it out in the yoga room....60min of awkward relaxation...I made it though. Now as I'm sitting at home blogging...I feel like my arms are gonna fall off. I'll be ok...right? *confused look & shoulder shrug*
But for real you guys...I feel was a good experience and I'm glad I did it. Who wants to be my yoga buddy? It will be fun. Mind you....the whole time we were doing stretches and poses that Jamie and I couldn't do we were laughing hysterically...I didn't feel bad that we were causing commotion, it was funny! I think some of the people around us might have been irritated but......I didn't care...oops! Does that make me a bad person?
HEY before I forget...RUGBY season started!!! That's right folks....get ready to ruck (a rugby term) and roll! Team Su'a-cide is out on the prowl! For those of you who don't brothers (Manti & Mikey) play Rugby for excited! The games are seriously's all I can go NOT to run out on the field and double kamazee some player in the face....whoa....take it easy. hahahhaha! If any of you are interested in attending a game you can check out the schedule you will not be let down!


Elizabeth said...

Ok.......I love that song too and yes I've tried to do the dance! (YES this fat girl actually tried it!) I have rhythm, it just comes out much better when I'm skinny! Go ahead and laugh.....I did! I'm a dork!
Lost=the best show on tv!!!!! It's my favorite! One day in Hawaii, me, Kim, Melanie Tafea and Kaytee Lutu drove around the Island when all of a sudden we came across a freakin' plane crash. It really did take a sec, but then we realized it wasn't real and stopped and asked what it was for? They told us movie, but we knew when we saw the previews for Lost......that was our plane. Been a huge fan ever since!
I am so, so, so sorry you failed your test. Ioane is also horrible at taking tests. And it sucks when you have to take several praxis tests and then have to pay to take each one three times. I feel so bad for him. He is NOT stupid! He just does not test well. I hate standardized testing!! NO tests should be timed, in my opinion!
I would love to do Yoga with you. I have a membership to Gold's, but I have to work out in the mornings. It is the only time I can go with the kids and Io's schedule.
I'm going to have to take Io to one of those games. He has a meeting with a team tomorrow to play with them. At least I think that is what the meeting is about. Could be wrong. Anyways......he LOVES rugby and has to play EVERY season. It would be fun to watch BYU play.
So now that this post is a book, I'm going to stop typing now! LOL

Amy and Jeremy said...

Jenilyn you can't hold your feelings in like this...let it all out.j/k love you and love hearing how everything is going. I tried yoga in college and I think I lastes two classes. Not that the workout was poor or anything, but my teacher was uber spiritual which kind of freaked me out. Yoga though...great for the bod.

gabegen said...

this post is just what i needed to make my day! i'm still laughing at your yoga comments, that's why I do yoga ONLY at home. i'm always laughing in my living room, while doing yoga because because of the stretches/poses.

if i was doing yoga at the gym, all i'd be thinking about is "What if someone farted? What if I can't hold in my fart?"

doing yoga at home is so nice because you can fart away and not feel silly about what your doing and wearing :)

Elizabeth said...

Ok.....I just read gabegen's comment and I think she is my new most favorite person in the whole world! LOL I love her farting comments!!!!

elisha said...

hey Jenilyn. I am glad that you are stalking my blog. It is good to see what you are up to once in a while. I love to hear updates on your wedding. I just love weddings. Thanks for keeping in touch.

Team Jarvis said...

I love your blog jen. It has a touch of reality-i just love it. For instance, I can relate to you on the test taking stuff....wich is why I graduated from Beauty school and gave up only after a semester at USU. Dont belive me? Ask Angie Hammond Dewy. Anyway, im sorry about your test, those suckers are buggers to pass.Its frustrating especially when your trying to do your very hardest. I remember failing many beauty school tests...what a loser. Anyway, but you have such a great outlook on life, you realy do. Hands down on doing Yoga. I have wanted to try that too, but again, im way to scared that i'd flop over...what a loser. Sooo. we need to do something sometime I want to see you! Love ya!

Karessie said...

hey jen you can do it girly :D :D and by IT i mean the beyonce dance to single ladies! chee-hooo :D :D

heh heh heh......