Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

Ok so today I spent the day at the Library (well...part of the day) studying but then I heard a noise coming from my tummy saying "feed me" so I thought to myself.."what sounds good?" I wanted to "eat healthy" so I chose Subway..the lesser of all the evils out there....can anyone relate to the fact that regardless of how long you are in Subway you always come out smelling like stinks doesn't matter if you're in there for 5 minutes or 45 minutes, you always come out smelling rancid....I thought it was only at the Subway in Laie but I have experienced smelling like subway at every Subway I've been to...ok then...moving on...I have MANY guilty pleasures, it's sad, but I make no apologies. One of my guilty pleasures is going to get food (or ordering it) & watching reality t.v. It really doesn't matter what the show is or what it's about, I often find myself memorized by human behavior. Why is this? What is SO interesting that I can't seem to DRAG myself away from the television set? Why would I be willing give up a free afternoon to watch people, with whom I am not acquainted, go about their random lives? The answer to all of these questions is unknown...I have hit a is all a mystery to me, & it will most likely stay a mystery unless I have some sort of an epiphany, or unless a lightbulb goes off in my mind...and so it goes I guess.
Guilty pleasure numero dos (translation: 2 for those of you who don't habla espanol...el nino is spanish for...the nino)...Diet guys seriously....what the heck? In 2005 I made a pledge not to drink soda (I was an avid diet PEPSI drinker at the time) & up until 2008 I kept that pledge...2008 on a particularly hard day I walked past the soda aisle at the grocery store & couldn't help but give into the temptation of drinking an A&W cream soda..and that was it..that was all it took to break my pledge *snap of the fingers* just like that my pact (to myself) went up in smoke....since that day I've been addicted to soda...I admit it. This year I made a goal to give it up (again)'s been 6 days...or 7....I caved....what the???!!! I am stronger than this right? Sini is still goin strong he's really good at keeping his goals, I on the other hand am headed for despair...well...maybe not b/c (secretly) I love diet coke....should I quit? I know it's not good for me but neither is running til I pass-out or throw up whichever comes first (which I would gladly do if it was something that I enjoyed). Is it hurting my loved ones? I's not like I'm on drugs or an alcoholic. long as I'm happy it's ok right?
Guilty pleasure number three (I don't know if this can be considered a guilty pleasure but it poses a good thought provoking question)...I am a HUGE giver-in-to (i give in so easily)the power of suggestion...i.e "Ooh a cookie sounds good" ME: It sure does...I think I'll have one. "I think those shoes are so cute" ME: Yes they are...yes I'll take a pair! "Hey that purse is to die for...but it's like so expensive" ME: Oh well...I deserve a treat right?....It's so sister will suggest something without even thinking and I'll have to get it...or watch it. Seriously what's going on? I think I can justify my way out of anything! I think I just found some more resolutions/goals for this year....right?


AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Seriously, I can't quite Diet Pepsi.... so go on girl... enjoy your Diet Coke ;)
And super jealous that you spent the new year in NZ!!! How fun.
And THANKS for putting up my Nana's Box link in your side bar. love ya!


Elizabeth said...

LOL......Okay........I, too , am a lover of the Diet Coke! I say.....drink it!!! LOL
And reality shows rock! I'm not ashamed to admit it!!

Brittney said...

I love reading your blogs! Mostly because I can picture you saying all of those things and the facial expressions you probably make even just typing them on the computer. Oh and Diet Coke is nothin!