Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Reality Check

When I found out I was pregnant, I thought it was a mistake. There was no way. After the shock wore off I was fairly confident in my ability to be pregnant. I specifically remember telling Jack that this is what I was made for. I was so confident. Then morning sickness entered my life. My confidence was unshaken. Women go through this all the time. I'm not exactly sure when I became such a wimp, but it happened. Don't get me wrong, there is something extraordinary that fills my heart when I feel this baby move or kick, and I love giving into my cravings. However, when I was told that bed rest was my new norm my attitude was positive. A little R and R? Sweet. Fast-forward to current day (2 months later).....uh....yeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhh let's get this over with. My husband is currently in Seattle for work, and rather than stay at home all day with only my thoughts and reality tv to keep me company, I came to my parents. Here I am on the cusp of becoming a parent myself and my parents are nothing but the best. I still need them regardless of what I think or say. They have been my salvation these past couple weeks. When my husband is at home he exceeds my expectations in every way. Endless pampering, and food runs. It's like he knows exactly what I need when I need it. I am so blessed to have all these people around me. This summer has I tried to stay as active as my mental strength would let me. So that meant a lot of swimming and gentle hikes. Pools, lakes, swimming holes, name it, I was there. I feel most at home near water, is that weird? My family and friends have been so accommodating and helpful. Even Slim has been a lifesaver. You guys, seriously, on the days where I am particularly feeling lousy she is right there, right by my side. In fact, she doesn't leave my side. She takes care of me in her own way. I know she's a dog, but you guys, she has saved me so many times. She has her naughty days, but don't we all? Hehe! While I have tried to enjoy the summer I am looking for to the fall. The cooler temperatures, the smell in the air, pumpkin everything, new beginnings and the birth of this baby girl. I am so excited to hold her in my arms and see what she looks like! She's been movin' and groovin' around in my belly and I am ready to see what she has to offer this world because I know she's going to take it by storm. **so I am unable to load photos...but I'm working on it....standby**

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