Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hello Lover!

I have always loved Valentine's Day, even when I was single I loved it. I love the idea of celebrating love. Think about it. We all know what Valentine's Day is. We know it's a day of love regardless how we observe the holiday. We adorn the day with pink, red, and bubbly (virgin or non), we give gifts-some more expensive than others. There is an abundance of hearts and lips everywhere. KISS ME is a phrase we proudly wear on our tshirts. There is SO MUCH candy! Give us all the Vday candy! Growing up some of my friends wore black, some had single awareness parties, some spent time with their lover's, and some spent the day alone. I like to celebrate (any occasion) with some good food, and a lil' gift or two. I love decorating my abode with the corresponding event. I'm not great at making a space look holiday trendy or blog shoot worthy, but a brightly colored heart streamer never hurt anybody. I see so many creative ideas on my friend's social media platforms and I always think "ah! I need that Valentine silverware set in my life!" or "I am def getting up early next year to make pink heart-shaped pancakes, and eggs, and I'm def gonna freeze little ice cubed with raspberries and mint steeped into them, to create the PERFECT Valentine's Day!" And, every year when Valentine's comes around I still do not have that Valentine silverware set, and always choose to sleep in and grab brunch rather that get up and make a huge pink and red Valentine's Day cooking mess. This year Jack is working out of town so we had to have a our own special escapade. Jack super outdid himself. Like, above and beyond my expectations. My little life would be complete with a nice, heartfelt note, but my husband knows me better than I know myself. Don't you love when your hubby gets things just right. Like, SO right that it surprises even you!? That's my bebe, folks. Cora is an active toddler, 15 months old (translation: 1yr and some odd change), so having a nice sit down dinner in a five star restaurant gives me a little anxiety, you feel me? So we ordered yummy food and ate here at home, where Cora can be herself without restraint, or bother the people next to us with her random, brassy numbers she loves to belt out. She's quite the entertainer in public. We know how to party, people. After dinner, we gave Cora an extra long bath and spent the rest of the night chilling. Anytime I can have a fun night with my little family I'm totally in, but if I can do said activities in my pj's? I'm devoted.

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