Sunday, January 1, 2012

I wish I had pictures to post of my extremely uneventful, but perfect New Year's Eve.  Siaki and I went over to my parents house to participate in our New Year's tradition.  My parents order chinese food and have all sorts of goodies to munch on, and we eat, and play games and watch movies.  That probably sounds like a boring New Year's to all you folks, but it was perfect.  I was with my loved ones and we were all safe, warm, and happy.  Being "home for the holidays" is such a wonderful thing.  I am so grateful for my family.  Naturally I have a ton of resolutions to get started of which is to take MORE pictures to post on this thang!  But seriously guys, I do have a ton of resolutions, I gotta narrow them down....Oprah says to pick 2 or 3 that are do-able, that you KNOW you'll be able to accomplish.  That Oprah really knows what she's talking about right?  (I'm totally being sarcastic).  I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season!!!  Looking forward to this new year!

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Mycal Alo said...

Are you dating someone and I didn't even know about it!! jeeze.. my life sucks hahaa.. Anyways.. your new years eve was more eventful than mine!! All I did was sit in a garage full of meuli people I didn't know and played pool with my cousin with a bunch of cheeky meuli girls sitting and watching. I guess I coulda turned the show around but was literally annoyed cuz I was celebrating with people I could care less for!! HAHAHA.. That's my vent for the night. Thanks for allowing me to rehash that wretched moment haha!! Hope you're good!!