Sunday, February 20, 2011

I love blog stalking people.  It sounds so creepy when I say it like that.....I like following blogs.  Everyone blogs about the funny, and happy things or successful stories in their lives.  I kinda just wanna give you all a high five...and a big thank you.  I love reading about positivity.  Winter can be gloomy.
Did everyone have an awesome Valentine's Day?  Incidentally, I had a great one.  No really.  I mean, yes I'm single....but I took some time out to say "I love you" to myself, and my loved ones.  It was awesome.  There was not one ounce of desire in me {that day} that made me regret not having a "significant other" in my life.  I have so many people to love and to feel love from, and that in and of itself is a huge blessing.  I am so excited for the spring!  The fashion, the flowers, the feeling in the air, and......the RUGBY!  It's Rugby season folks!  Ooh! I'm excited!!!  


a_filimoeatu said...

Hi! Im Ashley... and Im an undercover blog stalker... *wheew*... glad thats over wtih.. my V-day was.... i cant remember but.. glad you asked!

Gina Fiefia said...

hahaha Im not a big blog stalker maybe cause I dont know too many people who blog, but I guess I do blog stalk you, Tif and Doraleen (who never updates her blog)