Monday, February 28, 2011

Oooh weeeee!

You guys Feb has been such a great month ps. I'm there's that.  I don't know if the stars are working in my favor or if I am just extra emotional and just happen to be super inspired from all angles.  So...just for fun I decided to list things that have inspired me this month....just for the heck of it.

1.  The new OWN network.  Every time I see Oprah I want to cry, and sometimes I do.  She has given so much happiness to so many is....well, inspiring.
2.  I know I'm gonna get a lot of guff for this one, but you know what I don't even care....not one iota.  Justin Bieber's Never Say Never.  I have never been to a movie that had me LITERALLY dancing in the aisle.  It wasn't about the fact that he's a 17yr old heart throb.  It was his journey that was so inspirational.
3.  The Oscars.  For the record, I do not sit around and wait for award shows to watch....I just don't have time.  I love the fashion and I love the aftershows...but to sit down for 3 hours and watch people get up and be "so completely surprised" that they won then act like an idiot while giving an "acceptance" speech....not my thing.  Last night the elements were in my favor and I found myself comfy, warm, and in good company WATCHING the Academy Awards. Who knew?  What I did NOT expect?  Crying during the finale....but you guys...when PS22 sang "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and then ALL the Oscar winners walked out Oscars in hand....I just couldn't help myself....I just COULDN'T help myself.
4.  Lisa Ling's "Our America."  I've been a Lisa Ling fan since the days of "Channel 1" (did anyone else watch that in Jr High/High School?)  She brings such an eloquent voice to those who are....not normal in "our" society.  She's a brilliant reporter, and has such a way with words and people.  It is a moving program.  Outstanding, eye-opening, jaw-dropping....I mean I could go on and on.
5.  My family.  A few years ago I just had a horrible horrible year...I mean, it was evident that the world was against me....but I bounced back (as one normally does) but, every SINGLE person in my family played a pivotal role in that.  Not just my siblings (who by the way were crucial in keeping me afloat), but my immediate cousins on both sides.  They rallied together and helped bring me back.  Now, looking back....I get a lump in my throat just thinking about how bad it was and how good they were to me.
6.  Rocky & Pam Su'a.  I remember how selfish I was.  My dad would work 15 hr days and come home and ask for a foot rub and I would huff and puff about it. All he wanted was a foot rub...not my right lung.  What a horrible daughter right?  My mom hasn't had a bad day in 15yrs.  (well, let's be honest, everyone has bad days...but she never let anyone see it).  She could be facing the most stressful crisis in America, and still answer the phone with cheerfulness in her voice.  I know we all love our parents so much...I mean it's only natural.  But I think the reason we all think are parents are the greatest is b/c we see what they go through for us and we see the trials they've overcome, and that in and of itself is definitely worthy of praise, but we see that they do it for their families....not for themselves. I am absolutely positive that they would move heaven and earth if they knew it would make us fact...I believe I have witnessed it a few times. They do it for make US can we NOT think they're the greatest?  How can we not be grateful?  How can we not be inspired?
All in all February has been a great month.  It's the month of Love.........and I loved it.

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Funaki-naki-naki said...

I never can find the OWN network. I think I'm dumb or it's just really good at hiding from me.