Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Manti Matthew

I feel sorry for people who don't have a broseph like I do...well....2 bros like I do...but this blog in particular goes out to the one and only Manti Matthew Su'a.  If you already haven't read my sister's  (Jamie Su'a) blog then let me break it down (in my own way)....
25.  He couldn't say his "R's" until we was 12?  11? 
24.  He stuttered....correction: stutters  (which makes him human....otherwise we would question the mere actuality of his mortality)
23.  He has a kind heart.  The purest heart I've ever known.
22.  When we very first moved into the house which we currently reside (eventhough the yard is smaller than the previous houses we've occupied) Mikey and Manti found little ways to make it an adventure and makes things fun...they're just like's what they do.  I.e. they would string yarn from their windows (not more then 5 ft from each other) and pass notes to each other thru the windows....they would hide notes under the loose tiles on their window sills.
21.  When Manti is caught off guard and is in a heated situation he is VERY quick on his feet....not good...but quick.  When we were little we all shared a room, when it was bedtime rather than go to sleep (which is what was instructed to us) we would "come alive!"  We would "spy" on our night Manti got caught.  Without skipping a beat his excuse/defense for NOT being in bed was "but but but but mom....I needed to tell you something REALLY important.....I....I....I....I love you" it's one of those you-had-to-be-there-moments....but it was a classic that none of us will ever forget.
20.  He is majoring in Biology, or Genetics, or Chemistry or something like of those things that's hard to spell let alone major in....all I have to say is...glad it's not me.
19.  Manti is pretty much ALWAYS in a good mood...which you would think might get a little sickening but it is the complete opposite....I love it...I love that whenever Jamie or I are in a bad mood, if he is around we all of a sudden are happy.  Not a lot of people have that effect on others...Manti, does.
18.  He is a great, football, basketball..and even swimming....who knew?
17.  His "I-know-this-is-so-stupid-but-I-can't-help-but-laugh" laugh....I WISH I had a video of this particular style of is priceless.
16.  Every time I saw a scary movie (which I no longer do) I could NOT sleep at night b/c of the fear I left the movie theater I would make Manti sleep on my floor...sometimes for several nights at a time....and he did it....and he NEVER complained.  Thanks Man.
15.  When he was younger Manti and Mikey had a paper route.....our lives revolved around that paper route....our van caught on fire while delivering "papes" (as mom called them...still does) events were postponed b/c of the 4:30pm deadline that the papes had to be out....the stupid orange bags we had to put them in if it was raining....and the  nasty ink from the papes that literally stained our carpet...booooo.
14.  The fact that EVERY animal on this earth loves him...and not me.
13.  He's a really good snowboarder....or so I've heard.
12.  His sense of humor is top of the line. 
11.  Little known fact: He can hit the high notes in "Phantom of the Opera"
10.  The fact that whenever he comes home he ALWAYS ALWAYS leaves with a souvenir from MY room!
9.  He loves the heck does he do it?
8.  He will let me choose whatever movie I want to see...even if it's "Twilight" and never gives me guff....
7.  He has the "finest" on a budget (Manti, don't act like you DON'T know what I'm talking could go on but I'm sure you don't want ALLLLL your business on my blog)
6.  He is completely level headed....he got that from mom
5.  His attempt to speak Samoan.  "They're talking about being in class.  Huh?  They said vasega...and that means class!  Dad!  Manti is eavesdropping on your conversation!  Yeah...I heard you say you were in class...VAsega!  No....we were talking about PEsega."  He was SO sure of himself.....I just love that about him.
4.  His innate appreciation for hip-hop music...who would've thunk?
3.  In 9th grade he ran for 9th grade President and the way he won was thru his speech which consisted of your basic "rally speech"  of "Ducks fly together"......rallying the 9th class in a harmonious chant of "quack....quack.....QUACK...QUACk..QUACK get the jist...
2.  Girls have gone out of their way to make me their friend SPECIFICALLY to get to Manti...lame-oh!  I always saw right thru it....they never got to Manti.
1.  Eventhough he is a super star (in my eyes...and Jamie's....and Mom's) he is the most humble person I know.  It's true.....I admire and love him so much, I seriously lucked out when they were handing out brothers.  Thank you divine forces for placing us in the same familial (is that even a word) dynamic.  I love you Man, happy birthday from the bottom of my heart (sung to the tune of Feliz Navidad).  You da you da best. 


Cushing Ohana said...

I love all of this! From one girl who adores her brother to another! Precious!!!

Anonymous said...

It will be great to watch Phantom of the Opera,i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.