Monday, December 14, 2009

Stronger than yesterday (not a Britney cover)

I got off work a lil' early and instead of coming home and going STRAIGHT to the gym as planned, I'm eating random (somewhat healthy) food from the cupboards and fridge, and I'm watching Oprah.  Let me explain.  I consider myself VERY pop-culture fact, whenever my family or my co-workers have a question about what's going on in the "the biz" they immediately resort to me as their main source of information (naturally). Oprah is a major pop-culture icon...I felt the need to "catch up."  As I'm sitting here watching Oprah interview Whitney Houston (my 2nd favorite singer....**see below for a list of my favorite order)...I can't help but want to stick my finger THROUGH my eyeball and swirl it around in my brain rather than watch this.  I'm so annoyed by this interview.  Stop!  Make it stop! Ok...just turned it off...*said in a whiney voice* "oh woe is me I did drugs, I have so much money...but just b/c I have money doesn't mean I have problems"....uh...thanks Whitney.  What about those of us who DON'T have millions of dollars?  We still have problems...and they're probably worse than your self-inflicted drug addiction.  Guys...I just don't care that she has problems.  Does anybody else care about Whitney's problems?  Oh don't get me wrong...I feel empathy for her (b/c that's what we're supposed to do right?) but she has millions of hundos....she can work it out.  Now, if she wanted to throw some benji's MY way...we would have a different story on our it is...I'm wrapped up in my own blogging world right now. about the worst year ever....whoever said life wasn't easy had it right on the money.  But guess what?  I'm still standing! I know we all have stuff to go thru, but this year has been the hardest year of my life.  I'm so glad I have an amazing family...with equally amazing parents.  My sister was just what the Dr. ordered. I have to say how much my family means to me.  And, maybe that is one of the reasons I've gone thru all I've gone thru...who knows.  This blog is not to let you in on how bad things have's to show you that I/you can do anything...get through anything that is placed on your plate.  Don't get discouraged...get even!  Get even with the unfortunate events that have happened in your life.  Get out it TO it.  Conquer your trials...or they might conquer you.  Maybe this blog is a little out of character for me, but I felt inclined to post it....I hope SOMEONE (even if it's just one person) will benefit from're not alone...
 So, any of you who have had an equally bad year or who have just had some rough patches here and there....and you're still in good spirits, still healthy, still standing....THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT!  I don't know why we go through what we go through (when I figure it out I'll post something on it) but I know that no matter what it is...we can do it....if the Lord brought you to it...he will bring you through it (I say that ALL the time in my head). "Murphy's Law, Karma, Satan, my luck" I have TWO words for you...........................................................See you.....later.  Hmph guess that's three words. 
Here are some helpful "how-to's" if you're having a hard time:
There are 2 ways to get thru life...laughing or crying...I prefer laughing, crying gives me a headache.-Marjorie Hinckley
Exercise-Pam Su'a (that's her answer for EVERYTHING)
Punch the wall -common sense
Take a drive-McKenna Magalogo
Go for a walk-Noelle Mauri
Knit-Becci Combs
Make your own ornaments for your xmas tree, or develop your own fantastic table setting layout-Britney Bell Thompson
Eat!  EAT ANYTHING YOU WANT!-Jenilyn...and my sister Jamie
Soak in a nice warm bath-Shanna Campbell
Do something for someone else...aka Service-Bar Dee Campbell
Give money to Jenilyn- Vatau Su'a
Watch a rugby game-Ashely Filimoeatu
Go to a Zumba class-Morena
Take some pictures-Stephanie Meyers (New last name..sorry steph forgot)
Make some mochi-Amanda Cushing
Hope some of these will help if you're going through a hard time...or really rough trials!
**Favorite Singers**
1. Mariah Carey (HER not her image)
2. Whitney Houston
3 Christina Aguilera
4. Chrisette Michelle
5. The girl from Glee (obviously she's one of my favorites...I know her name and everything)
1. Stevie Wonder
2. Brian McKnight
3. John Legend
4. Raheem DeVaughn
5. Luther Vandross
*Big sigh of relief* I feel so much better after this posting!  Thanks for listening folks....remember: You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.


Jacelle said...

I sure feel you! My killer year was 2008 and it has taken all of 2009 and then some to recover but onward and upward! Think of it this way, its due time for good things now.

Jennifer Lane said...

I'm the "SOMEONE."

Madame Mauri said...

Okay which girl on glee, love that show too and I thought you would love it. (I even downloaded songs from Itunes). WHEN did I say go for a walk? was that in Hawaii? I sure haven't gone on a walk for oh I don't know like 3 years!! My advice, TALK it out, that is something I'm good at, talking!! :)way to be not only surviving but THRIVING!

McKenna, Daniel and Elise said...

I was home sick yesterday and watched that interview for about 15minutes before I HAD to shut it off. It was really bothering me how Whitney kept saying to Oprah, "Know what I'm sayin..." it just didn't fit coming out of her mouth or something.

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Dang girl you are strong! Keep that chin up!
Loved reading this post and the great advice you posted... I'll definetely be refering back to this post on "thost" days :)


Becci Combs said...

Is it lame that when I saw MY very own name in your blog it made me tear up?

I sure do love you, Suellen. I am working on a billion dollar idea. I'll throw some cash your way when I hit it big time!


Cushing Ohana said...

You are so great. I love everything you write. 2010 has sucked in many ways for me. The biggest being my brother...remember cute little Austin? He's strayed big time and has gotten someone pregnant. Is that TMI? Sorry. So, since January, it's been bad. But, I have my own kids to be thankful for and I have to move on. It's a long story. But you give me hope! Miss ya girl!

PS- new address: