Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Expected the worst....

Have you ever expected the worst...or were NOT looking forward to something & it turned around and slapped you in the face with the EXACT opposite of what you thought it was gonna be?  Did that even make sense to anyone?  Last week I was NOT looking forward to Conference weekend...i.e. the dances, the people that come in from all over....I was just not looking forward to socializing, maybe it was just a mood I was in who knows...but then...all of a sudden from out of left field...we have a little badda...a little bing...and BOOM!  Awesome weekend.  I met a lot of new people....gave out my number a few times *winks* was fully enriched by the talks I listened too...ate some amazing food (thanks Mom)....saw my fam bam....seriously guys.....I love it when you "expect the worst, and hope for the best" and you GET the best *BIG sigh of relief*
Oh but I have to tell you guys this....so today (Tuesday) I was walking down the hall at work, and there was this older (gosh how do I say this nicely..ok..gotta keep it real) not cute type woman who looked like she stole a few too many cookies from the cookie jar if you catch my drift ( No, I am NOT making fun of chubby people)...and I don't mean "not cute" in a "she's ugly poor her" way...I mean it in a "she would have a chance if she didn't wear a white see-thru night shirt with a black bra that is too small" sort of way...nobody wants or needs to see that....c'mon girls let's think before we exit the house for the day. 
Let the record show...I am not perfect, but I do have common sense.
(end of disclaimer)
Ooooh!  Has anyone read the new Dan Brown (author of The Davinci Code & Angels & Deamons) book "The Lost Symbol?"
Also, it is getting to be that time again....Autumn....if you blink you might miss it...it's supposed to be short this year *sad face* but....you know what comes with Autumn????  New sheets!!!!  How pathetic am I that I get excited about new sheets......oh well...I love the little pleasures life brings.  Oh yeah....what the Khloe Kardash &; Lemar from the Lakers?  What the.....who the....why the?????  THAT was random...but she still has great hair. 
Did you guys hear Mariah (Carey, for those of you who do not habla pop culture) might be prego....uh-oh baby diva on board...watch out.
You wanna know what new tv show pulled me right in and wouldn't let me go?  FlashForward.  Get into it. 
What am I looking forward to?  Halloween.....fun costume ideas all around....gotta make the right decision though.  Good luck Jenilyn, right?


Jennifer Lane said...

Oh my....I miss you!

gabegen said...

i'm so glad your weekend turned out super. so... what about the lady with the black bra, small white shirt from work? it seemed like you were going to say more but then you didn't..? just curious.

Jenilyn said...

@jenniferlane don't get too comfortable...new moon is coming soon and i have an existing date with you!
@gabegen: i didn't want to be TOO critical...I was just venting that white shirts & black bras are so.....tacky, & also intended for it to be a warning for anyone who even THOUGHT of putting the combination together.

Calley said...

Ahhh, this made my day :) And according to (satan) perezhilton, Mariah is just fat, not pregnant. And you know he's the source of truth.
Actually, I saw him on Tyra Banks (what is with me confessing all these awful things I watch and read??! Oh the shame) and I said out loud "he is pure evil!" But, he really is. And he dresses like foghorn leghorn, the end.


Thanks for the happy randomness. I needed that this morning:)