Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Da Kine bah

I find I do all my best thinking/blogging late at night. I find as the day winds down, "good nights" are said...late night television comes on (not that I watch it), and the sound of the dishwasher is humming in my "random" thoughts come alive, and sometimes I feel if they are not randomness will dissipate into the abyss of nothingness. Ahem, today in my daily routine of watching tv and eating sunflower seeds I came across a television show that I thought had been cancelled. "Dog the Bounty Hunter" was at one point a favorite of mine (not that I'm proud of's sort of my one guilty pleasure). I thought it very interesting that alothough Dog and Beth (his busty wifey) are natives of Colorado....they had developed a pidgeon accent. Hmmmm....really? I mean...really? Anyway anyway....that's a completely different subject. I was watching Dog and his brigade bring down a drug trafficer in Honolulu...*sigh* how I miss Hawai'i! Not so much the drugs and criminals but the way of life....the laid back attitude...the "Locals" Flip flops that you can buy at Walmart for $2.88 then wearing them EVERYWHERE even to church...the late night trips to walmart just to get out of Laie...then stopping at Jack-in-the-box on the way home....waking up to the soft, warm breeze blowing in through the ever famous louvers....the humidity....the smell of cigarettes and plumerias (combined) once you get off the plane (or anywhere in honolulu)....the melting pot of races that attend byuh.....foodfest....the beach.....skinny dipping at the end of every semester (a tradition)...the way you smell after you eat at subway (how can you not miss that)...walking EVERYWHERE...people watching in the Aloha Center....matsumotos even thought there's a place 100 yards away that doesn't have a massive line, you can never go there b/c it's NOT "matsumotos"......going to the Laie Temple on Sunday b/c there's nothing else to do and it is air conditioned....the pidgeon accent ugh! the pidgeon accent (that's probably on the top five things i miss).....calling every lady that is older than me "Auntie" even some of my teachers.....going to 7-11 in Hau'ula to cruise....walking to chevron when we don't have a ride to 7-11....making plans to go to the gym (b/c it's free) but then making up some excuse not to go.....the food.....going on outrageous hikes (i went on like four....they were hard but they were da bomb)...skipping class to go to the seasider....hanging out at the library (literally just hanging homework) every house that was off campus had a nickname i.e. the quiet house, the animal house, the aloha house, the green house....going to the nasty movie theater that was always way too chee I in kaneohe (that's number 1 on my list..ugh i miss it!!!)....kccn fm 100 (lina girl! hahaha)! All of these memories flooded my mind as I was watching Dog the Bounty Hunter...odd (head tilt)....All in all I think my Hawaii days have to be some of the best in my life thus far. However, Utah is giving me a run for my money....don't worry I'm not gonna name all the things I love about Ut tonight...but I will say family is in Ut so....that's why I'm here. Well I'm sure I will visit Hawai'i many times throughout my life...might even move there some day..we'll see. I hope my randomness entertained some of you this evening if not.....too bad...ya can't win 'em all right? Aloha oe for the evening.


Brett and Becca Muir said...

Sua!! I am so excited you found my blog. Well it sounds like things are going really well for you and am so excited to hear about your upcoming marriage. I loved reading about your story about him coming home and all that is exactly how i felt when brett came home it just felt right. Brett and i are living in layton and have adopted our first little girl things are going great. Where are you living? i can't wait to hear how he proposes keep me posted. By the way you guys make a cute couple!!

Madame Mauri said...

Ditto and you can have two homes, UT and HI. I myself feel that HI is home even though I didn't 'grow up' there. someday we will move back, remember you said you would come too!

the memea's said...

Hey, it's good to hear from you! I'm glad you found me on here! So you're getting married? That's awesome...congrats! I love your post...awww the memories of good ol' Laie!