Monday, December 15, 2014

It's Been a Good Autumn

This autumn season has been a dream. Lots of good reality TV, lots of good memories, and lovely weather. Summer 2014 was a dooze. I was hot and dusty. I have to admit that for the first time in my life I was looking forward to fall. October didn't disappoint either. The smells of fall bring back so many great childhood memories of North Ogden, when we lived with my Grandma. North Ogden is a charming little town. It's grown so much that I hardly recognize it. The elementary I attended was torn down a few years ago. My mom attended that elementary. I used to walk to and from school every day. I remember when the leaves would start to change that there was a different smell in the air, and I loved it. My grandma has a fairly large back yard that has an amazing view of Lewis Peak. I always know which mountain is Lewis Peak b/c there is a triangle formed out of the trees on the mountain. I made up so many stories about that triangle. In the fall the leaves would turn in the mountains and it was always so gorgeous. So gorgeous. This year as the season started to change my walks with Slim got longer. We often go up into the mountains in Bountiful so that she can be off leash and frolic as she pleases. The view is always breath taking. Never a disappointment. We have a lot of memories up there with our little family of three. This Autumn was a little different. Slim got pregnant. She had 13 puppies. They were adorable. They were extremely therapeutic, and gave the home such a loving feel to it. We've sold all of them except one. Otis. He's still with us, and it will probably stay that way. Now that the Holiday season has started we've been extremely busy. Jack's family loves to have get-togethers frequently....we recently saw Interstellar, and my mind almost exploded. The concept was amazing, yet so crazy at the same time. We're STILL talking about it. I decorated my apartment for the Christmas season....I LOVE the outcome. I'll need to post some pictures. It's such a cozy little place now. Hey folks, stay tuned. BIG news about to drop soon. BIG!!!!!! So excited to tell you all!!!!!

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