Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rugby All-Americans-Team Su'aside!

Oh my gosh you guys. Manti & Mikey BOTH made the All-American Rugby team....for those of you who do not share my enthusiasm for Rugby or my knowledge....let me break it down. Out of 20,000 players across the U.S. there were 44 boys selected for the team. According to "the Collegiate All-American selectors and coaches spent nearly NINE months on player identification, fitness testing-standards implementation, and monitoring to narrow that down to just 44 All-Americans and 30 honorable mentions." How could I NOT blog about this? I mean, watching Rugby is one thing...watching BOTH your brothers play, and excel at Rugby is another! I am so proud of them and I just want to congratulate them. I might have gone a little overboard on how many pix I posted but I just couldn't help myself. I love BYU...and I love my brothers. How exciting right?


Elvina said...

Nope, you've got the bragging rights and i'd be showing off even more too if they were my brothers Jenilyn. I bet your family is soooo proud of them!!!! Not everyone has All American Rugby player brothers!!!!

Savannah Adams said...

Wow. Of course, you can brag! C'mon, you and your bros are cool enough to blog about rugby games. The sport requires real physical toughness and strength. Making it to an All-American-Team is big, and it only means that they have what it takes. Anyway, how are they doin' with this season?