Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

Birthdays come but once a year.  This is a universal truth.  The good thing about getting older is.....um....the amount of experience you gain with another year under your belt?  I guess that's more of a question than a statement.  What I know this year:

*I am extremely blessed.  Ok, I know that even if it's not my birthday, but seriously guys....family, friends, and nail polish have been really good to me this year.

*Trader Joe's has unexpectedly brightened my life with their ready-made salads, organic olive oil popcorn (same caloric intake, no guilt....bc it's organic, duh), cookie butter, and their sample corner.  Thanks be to the Trader Joe's Gods for bringing it to Utah.

*I am even more shamefully addicted to reality tv than anticipated.  SHAMEFULLY.  My DVR list increases each season.  Don't judge. 

*I need wrinkle cream

*Living alone is not as lonely as everyone thinks it is.  Soul possession of the remote control is a serious blessing.  I.e. ESPN is not my fave.

*Walking around Target is my happy place.  I assumed my happy place was Laie, Hawaii where the beaches are perfect and where everyone wears Locals flip flops, I was wrong.  I can't go to Laie everyday...weird.  Thus, Target is my 2nd favorite happy place (if we're keeping tabs).

*Rugby isn't the same if Manti and Mikey aren't playing *gasp* did I really just type that?  Sacrilege.

*I only have eyes for Siaki.  The other day at Walmart I passed this guy who was obvi a Calvin Klein model but all I wanted to look at was my burley, unshaved, Tongan hottie who acts like he's white.  Who could ever want more?

*I am a lot more patient than people give me credit for.

*The outdoors is medicine to my soul.

*I still love Pink, in fact, on Wednesdays we wear pink.

*I am practically a professional chef....practically. 

Kneader's has the best breakfast I've ever had....like...ever

He changed our oil....talent people, talent

I don't know why I love this pic of Siaki, but I love it.  Maybe it's bc it's a candid shot of him, maybe it's bc he's gaming, maybe it's bc he looks like he's trying to be a model...I just don't know. 

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