Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gushy Love Stuff

Feb is one of my favorites months of the year.  It's the month of love.  When I was in elementary school I ALWAYS looked forward to Valentine's day.  Building V-day boxes and then reading all the Valentine's you received was so fun and exciting.   When I was single I loved Valentine's Day.  I think it's such an encouraging holiday.   Whether you're single or taken it promotes either the possiblity of love or the celebration of a relationship that means a whole lot to you.  This is my 2nd year with an actual Valentine (last year was my first....totes worth the wait btw) and much to my surprise it exceeded last year's. 

*WARNING.....gushy love stuff approaching*

Jack and I have opposing schedules, I hate it.  He works in the day and has school at night, while I have the day free and work at night.  Not ideal right?  My brother Mikey says that "that's life" brother, the Alchemist. 
I went downtown and picked up lunch from one of our fave spots "Moochies."  Guys, bible, if you haven't tried it get down there.   BEST.SANDWICHES.EVER.  I took it to Jack's workplace and we ate in the car on his 30min lunch break...that probably sounds like the most pathetic thing ever, but for the romantics that we are it was perfect.  Literally, perfect.  

I worked at night and after I got off Jack brought over dinner from my favorite...the Olive Garden. I decorated my teeny tiny apartment in the most romantic way was a little pitiful (work with what you've got right?)....but it was something we've never done before, and it was, in its purest form, romantic.  When Jack walked in the door he had flowers, food, chocolates/treats, and a teddy bear (which I later named Gucci....incidentally was going to be the name of our first dog, a pitbull according to Jack...hmm....we'll see right?).  Being the dramatic that I am, I screamed when he walked in the door b/c I was so surprised.  I wasn't expecting all.  We ate dinner and watched a movie, and then went about our everyday lives the next day.  Lucky me.  Lucky, lucky me. 

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