Thursday, May 31, 2012

My May

"The world's favorite season is Spring, all things seem possible in May."  It's true May is probably my most favorite month.  We've just shrugged off the cold, dreary winter months and the colors of spring gently begin to remind us that the summer is right around the corner.  Summer is the season of bbq's, swimming, beach time, hikes,snowcones, camping, road trips, night games, fireworks, dinner and movies in the park, adventure (basically).  This month of May has been, in one word, blissful.  I had one of the best birthdays of my life.  It used to be that I wanted and loved being the center of attention, but that has changed dramatically.  I don't like it anymore, maybe I've just grown out of it?  I had such a mellow day.  Jack took me to our favorite sandwhich dive "Moochies" where we traditionally order our own sandwhich (me: meatball jack: philly cheese) and switch half for half, we're genius's.  He took me to "the beach" which in reality is a man made lake in Herriman, but for the romantics we are it was our own Hukilau beach.  We played in the water, and layed out in the sun, we relaxed and laughed about all our inside jokes.  Later on we went over to my parents house for a family filled bbq. Very low key and laid back.  My whole family was there, which is always the best feeling for me.  The older I get, the more time I relish spending with my family.  Who knew? 
May is also a special month because it is the month that BYU Rugby won the National Championship.  It was a very very intense game.  Not only did Mikey score a try, but they named him MVP of the game, there were tears in his eyes (which is a HUGE deal b/c this rhino does not crack!). It was the best rugby game I've ever been to.......EVER.  This was Mikey's last year, you know what that means?  No more Su'a-side on the BYU Rugby field.  The thought makes my heart sink.  For the past 6 years BYU Rugby has been part of our Winter and Spring lives, it has been a staple, it has been the "usual" and now it's......gone.  My mind is quickly taken back to right before the National Championship started on May 19th......The players had mounted the field, warm ups were in session, Laki was sobbing.  When we asked him what was wrong he repeated over and over "I wanna play rugby, I wanna play rugby!"  Maybe BYU Rugby isn't completely done with this family ***fingers crossed***

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