Sunday, June 19, 2011

Man-chel's Wedding

I've heard that one of the reasons people cry at weddings is b/c they feel like they are losing a son/daughter/brother/sister.  On this specific occasion I did not feel this way at all.  I felt like I was not only getting a new sister, but I was also getting a new and improved Manti.  The wedding was the most fun wedding I have ever attended (I've seen a few in my day.....and this is not just b/c it was a sibling wedding).  Rachel's family is nothing less than classy.  They are fun, they are cool, and they are beautiful.  Everyone was in such a good mood.  The food was delicious, the entertainment was awesome, the flip books were too fun!  The company (and when I say company I mean Groomsmen haha) was fantastic, and the bride and groom were glowing.  It was just a good good day.


gabegen said...

sheesh, you guys are all beautiful! Everyone looks happy, that's always good :)

The Marks said...

congrats manti that is awesome. Jenilyn you look so pretty.